A Home Cooks Coffee Cake Primer

A Home Cooks Coffee Cake Primer

What is a coffee cake?

North American Coffee Cake is an informal, everyday cake meant to be served with coffee and frequently eaten as breakfast, dessert, or a snack.

A Coffee Cake Is Functional simplicity

Generally, a coffee cake:

  • Is a single layer cake,
  • May, or may not, have a topping, such as a streusel, crumb, or butter icing
  • May come in any shape; square, loaf, round, bundt, etc.,
  • And may include cinnamon, jam, nuts, and/or fruit.

Where did Coffee cake come from?

Coffee Cake evolved from different types of cakes in mainland Europe and later immigrated to the united states. By the 1870s, coffee cakes were well-known in America and already had a cornucopia of recipes for crumb cakes, streusel cakes, and streusel/ combinations.

Types of Coffee cake.

Because coffee cakes evolved from other cakes and continue to evolve, they are difficult to classify.  Coffee Cake can include cinnamon, jam, nuts, and fresh or dried fruit. The topping of a coffee cake may be a streusel, crumb, or butter icing for added sweetness. Even the form of a coffee cake may vary significantly.  Coffee cakes are usually single layer cakes and maybe a simple square or round cake, quick bread loaf, or a ring cake.  Some common types of coffee cakes are:

  • Cinnamon Coffee Cake
  • Crumb/Streusel Coffee Cake
  • Fresh, canned, or dried fruit Coffee Cake
  • Jam Coffee cake
  • Applesauce cake

Coffee Cake Recipes

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