Cooking – Freezing Pumpkin Pie leftovers

You know it is that time of the year when everyone starts baking scrumptious pumpkin pie as a Thanksgiving special. Some of you love to make it from scratch, from homemade whipped cream to cinnamon-roll crust. Sometimes we get so excited with the baking we go a bit overboard and land up with lots of leftovers.

So, may wan to freeze the leftovers pie to enjoy the pie later. We have introduced some of the lip-smacking facts that will help you save your delectable.

So, The Question Is, Can We Really Freeze A Pumpkin Pie?

The inevitable answer is YES! Traditionally, pumpkin pies are prepared with a custard filling made with eggs. Since they are high and rich in fat, pies can easily be frozen. The same applies to sweet potato pies. Typically, if your recipe is a classic one, that is, standard dough, without any extra ingredients such as fruit, nuts, or chocolate, then it can be kept in your freezer.

There is no denying that homemade pies last longer, say about 3 to 4 days if you keep it in your freezer. But if you have bought the pie from the store, they last longer in your freezer or on your counter since they have shelf-stabilizing preservatives. Properly frozen pumpkin pies may last up to 1 to 2 months in your freezer. This is quite a relief for those who plan to make the pie a few days before Thanksgiving and save yourself from the stress.

Here, we have provided a guide to freezing pumpkin pie for you to enjoy the deliciousness for a long time.

The Best Way for Freezing Pumpkin Pie

First things first, bake the pumpkin piein a pie pan made of aluminum and avoid any fancy dish. The aluminum pan is thinner and hence, allows the pie to freeze rapidly without producing too many ice crystals that make the pie soggy and watery when you thaw it. Leave the pie to cool down completely for about two to three hours.

Do not put the warm pie into the freezer. It will only produce ice crystals and ruin the texture of the pie once thawed. Once the pumpkin pie has cooled down, wrap it with a plastic wrap into several tight layers and put another wrap of aluminum foil over it. Slide the wrapped pie safely into the freezer-safe bag and put it into the freezer.

Ensure that the pumpkin pie is placed on a flat surface and do not keep anything on the top of the pie.

Shelf-life of Pumpkin Pie – If you have kept a pumpkin pie in the freezer, the pie should be consumed within 3 months.

Process of Thawing a Pumpkin Pie –

The most important thing to bring pumpkin pie back to its luscious form is to thawing it evenly. The process is similar to thawing ground beef. First, move the pie from the freezer to the refrigerator. Then, keep it there for about 8 to 12 hours before it is served. Do not thaw pumpkin pie on the kitchen counter. Keep it in the fridge, and let the temperature rise there. Excessive warmth causes condensation, and the crust will become unpleasantly soggy.

Once the pumpkin pie is thawed, it may be taken from the refrigerator, plate, garnish, and served – no warming or reheating required.

If you prefer room temperature, fully thaw the pie in the refrigerator and then, you can take the pumpkin pie out and keep it on your kitchen counter until the pumpkin pie comes to room temperature.

If you want a warm pie, here is how you reheat it.

  • Preheat oven to 3500F
  • Cover the thawed pie with a foil
  • Warm for about ten minutes or so
  • To check, insert a knife right at the center of the pumpkin pie and remove it to see if it is warm

Once you have reheated the pie, make sure you do not put it into the freezer again. If you know that you won’t require the entire pie, cut and reheat the portion needed only. If there are any blemishes or bruises on the pie, cover it up with ice cream or whipped cream.

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