Tips for Buying Quality Olive Oil


When buying olive oil, it can be easy to get overwhelmed because of the many colors, brands, and virgins it comes in. To help you make a better choice next time, we put together a list of tips on how to choose a healthy olive oil.

Know the different types of olive oil

Essentially, there are two types of olive oil; extra virgin olive oil and regular virgin oil. Generally, olive oil is classified by the intensity of flavor- the least flavored being extra virgin olive oil while the light tasting, pure, or classic oil is the most flavored.

When it comes to composition, all olive oils have the same number of calories and health benefits. Olive oil is known for being good for the heart. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties thanks to antioxidants and polyphenols, which give it flavor.

In other words, the more flavorful this oil is, the healthier it is. Therefore, the baseline is that you should choose the type of olive oils you want based on your budget and taste preference. Keep in mind that the more flavorful oils are, the more health benefits they offer.

Always look for a best-by date

Like most products, olive oils are best when they are freshly produced. However, they retain their health benefits for about two years after being bottled, depending on how best they are handled. Therefore, don’t end buying olive oil that has stayed on the shelf for too long.

Don’t buy in bulk

We have mentioned that olive oil provides the most benefits two years from bottling. However, when opened, they tend to degrade faster since they are exposed to light, oxygen, and heat. If stored improperly, the volatile flavor compounds tend to dissipate. Therefore, make sure to buy olive oil that you can use for a short time.

With these tips on choosing a healthy olive oil, we guarantee you that you will always walk out with genuine, healthy olive oil.

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