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When you evaluate pumpkin pie based on its taste, it is just right in taste, neither too rich nor too sweet. For this reason, during Thanksgiving, we expect to consume this season’s dessert after a good meal and repeat it the next morning with our breakfast. You can be lucky enough if you can take the leftovers of the pumpkin pie while going back to your home. Otherwise, you will have to find out the right way to preserve the leftovers. If this enjoyable delicacy is served at room temperature or warm with a lot of whipped cold cream, it may taste more delicious. But can you allow the piece of this tasty pumpkin pie to remain on the top of the kitchen counter, or will you refrigerate it in your fridge? The information provided in this write-up can help you in making the right decision in this regard.

Do you need to refrigerate a pumpkin pie?

Certainly, pumpkin pie may be the only and shortest answer to this question. According to the FDA, a non-vegan standard filing for pumpkin pie normally includes two main ingredients, egg, and dairy, that are needed to be kept cool in the refrigerator at a temperature of 40 degrees F or less than it to avoid the growth of infectious bacteria in them. These infectious bacteria can make the food poisonous like decomposing bacteria, without any change in the appearance, smell, or taste of the food. It can also be considered as a slight attack.

Final verdict

You must put the pumpkin pie in the fridge as soon as possible, although its filling may have come from a can or made from scratch. You can ensure the freshness of your pie for nearly four days in your fridge.

 How long can you keep pumpkin pie outside the fridge?

This question can be answered based on the answer to the question, whether the pie is bought from a store or made at home? The FDA is of the view that a pumpkin pie that is made at home may not stay out of the fridge at room temperature for more than two hours if it has been cooled thoroughly as it is safe to store it in a refrigerator. On the other hand, the pie bought ready-made from a store can remain on your countertop up to the date of its expiry provided on it and can be preserved for 2-4 days more by keeping it in the fridge, if you have purchased it at room temperature instead of the frozen or refrigeration section of the store. It can be due to preservatives in it which you may love or hate.

Can Pumpkin Pie be frozen up?

It will be the best for the host of the organizer of the buffet but he cannot serve leftovers of a dessert to his guests. It can be great if you freeze pumpkin pie as it will allow you to preserve this delicious treat for up to two months. But before freezing your pumpkin pie you must have some tips from an expert or join a tutorial in this regard.

How to heat frozen Pumpkin Pie again?

Many people may like to eat pumpkin pie at room temperature or cold but some of them may not be comfortable to dig into the pie unless it is warm enough. If you are one of the people who like a warm pumpkin pie then you might be thinking of ways to take the chill out of the leftovers of the pie. Pumpkin pie can certainly be heated again just by preheating your oven up to 350 degrees F. Now take a tin foil to cover the pie loosely and put it into the preheated oven. Your pumpkin pie can be ready to eat within 15 minutes or less depending upon the size of your serving but to check its thorough heating you poke a knife in the middle of the piece and remove it to check whether it is warm or not. Before serving the reheated pie you should allow it to stand for a few minutes. However, you should not freeze the pie again after reheating it once.

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