When Is Fresh Asparagus In Season?

Asparagus is in season early in the year, and we all know that asparagus is delicious. Asparagus beds can give you produce for decades with the proper care all-year-round—plant asparagus when it’s sunny in the spring. Also, ensure the soil is adequately drained and has enough organic matter. Asparagus is available throughout the year, although spring is ideal for growing this delicious and nutritious vegetable and spring is when the supplies most abundant in the grocery stores.

Typically, they are harvested from February to June, and April is the peak month and high season for this vegetable. April is the best time to buy asparagus in the local market. The peak season usually ends by the beginning of June.

How to choose fresh asparagus

When fresh, asparagus has a bright green color without any withering signs. While the tips are tender, they feature a purple shade, and they are supposed to be firm and not squishy. The plant should be thick and chewy in the cut end. Ensure you cut off this end before cooking, but you might lose an inch if the shoots are fresh.

How to store

You can put the asparagus in a produce bag, but the asparagus might get bruised or broken if you leave the asparagus in a produce bag very long. To keep the asparagus fresh, slightly cut off the cut ends, place the asparagus in a vase or glass with water, cover the asparagus using plastic then refrigerate. This keeps the asparagus in prime condition for 48 hours.

How to use

There are several ways to prepare this fantastic spring veggie. Asparagus bountiful in the spring season for a short period; therefore, you need to make the most of the available fresh asparagus. Another thing about asparagus is that there are different ways to serve asparagus.

You can roast asparagus with garlic, or parmesan, add the dressing goat cheese and almonds, the garnish using toasted almonds or lemon zest, or add in some parsley parmesan. Moreover, you can stream asparagus seasoned using garlic, pepper, and parmesan.

Well, there you have it, what you need to know about asparagus season!