Technology – Denodo VQL To Get A List Of Cached View Names

Hello, this is a quick code snippet of a Denodo VQL (Denodo Virtual Query Language) to pull a list of cached view names which can be useful in pulling list of cached views. It’s not a complicated thing, but now that I’ve bothered to look it up on putting this note here mostly for me but you may find useful. I have found this useful for several reasons not the least of which is for creating jobs to do maintenance of cached view statistics.

Example VQL List Of Cached View Names

select name view_name

from get_views()

       where cache_status <> 0

       and database_name = ‘uncertified’

       and name not like ‘%backup’

       and name not like ‘%copy’

       and name not like ‘%test’

       and name <> ‘dv_indexes’;

Denodo Reference Links

·         Denodo > Denodo Platform 8.0 > User Manuals > Virtual DataPort VQL Guide > Stored Procedures > Predefined Stored Procedures > GET_VIEWS

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