Benefits of Replacing Butter With Olive Oil in Baking Bread

One of the health benefits of substituting butter with olive oil is using a neutral oil instead of saturated fats. Many people are wary of oils that are high in saturated fats, which raise cholesterol and cause heart disease. But the heart benefits do not stop there. Olive oils also provide the added flavor and texture associated with many types of bread. The quality of the olive oil used to replace butter in baking can affect the flavor and text of the finished bread, so it’s important to choose quality olive oil.

Replacing butter with olive oil is beneficial for several reasons.

Because the two oils contain different saturated and trans fats, they will create additional health effects. Butter raises bad cholesterol levels, while olive oil raises good cholesterol. However, the health benefits of each benefit come from slightly different processes.

Health Benefits

  • By substituting butter with olive oil, you may reduce your heart disease risk and high blood pressure. These health benefits come from the antioxidant activity of plant-based oil. Antioxidants help remove free radicals from the body that can cause damage to the arteries and contribute to heart disease. Furthermore, the health benefits of the fat come from its ability to rebuild broken-down cells.

Environmentally Friendly

  • There are two concerns when replacing butter with olive oil in baking bread. One concern is the amount of oil used. According to the olive oil website, eighty percent of the oil used comes from olives rather than the hydrogenated vegetable oil commonly used as an additive to many cooking oils. Replacing butter with olive oil does not result in significant amounts of oil being discarded during baking bread.

Olive Oil As A Substitute

  • Using olive oil instead of butter in baking bread makes sense when you consider the health benefits, cost, and preparation time. Today there are several ways that you can substitute butter for olive oil in baking bread. For instance, some quick, easy breakfast desserts such as oatmeal cookies or muffins can be made with skim milk, and they are also easy to find at the supermarket. You can also use vegetable or salad oil instead of olive oil if you do not have an established preference for one particular vegetable oil over another.

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