Technology – The Roles of a Programmer

A computer programmer, also known as a software developer, a programmer or more recently a computer technician, is someone who develops computer software for use by individuals or companies. The term computer programmer can apply to a single specialist in one field of computers, such as database programming, or to an overall expert who codes and designs for all different types of software. In today’s computer age, a programmer can be a specialized expert in one or a handful of specific areas. These specialists can include financial analysts, computer engineers or product designers. Programmers who specialize in particular areas of programming are generally employed by a single business or corporation and are responsible for the coding and implementation of that business’s computer software system.

Many software developers create applications and programs that run on the Windows operating system platform. The majority of computer programmers work in the technology industry. As technology changes and develops at a rapid pace, computer programmer job roles keep growing and changing as well. In this fast-paced environment, the software developer must be versatile enough to handle both the new technologies and the modification of existing ones. The software developer must also possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to write robust and efficient code that can be used by various operating systems from Linux , Windows, UNIX and beyond. Most programmers learn how to code using conventional methods of learning, but often there are situations in which it makes sense for them to learn more about specific programming technologies.

In addition to working on one’s own software applications, developers also work with large corporations to develop customer-designed software applications. They may be involved in the design development process, the coding of the code, the testing of the code and the maintenance of the code once it has been released to the public. Some programmers work directly for a corporation as a consultant. Others choose to pursue jobs in the academic community and teach specialized courses in computer coding.

What Does a Programmer Do? The Life of a Programmer