Why you should freeze your own vegetables and food

You might not think so, freezing your own vegetables and food can be very helpful and he can save you a lot of time and time money.

Diet Flexibility

The first good reason to freeze your own vegetables is diet flexibility.

We can’t always buy commercially frozen foods that come in accommodations that you may need for dietary reasons or simply because you don’t like something like onions. However, if you cut your own food make your own accommodations for things like stir-fry vegetables or vegetables for curry and soups stews etc. Then you can get it to your precise taste and or dietary needs.

Saving Money

The second good reason, to freeze your own food is to save money.

By freezing your own food you can save it for later and take advantage of sales and might be going on when food is cheaper in season. Things like corn or green beans rhubarb and other common agricultural products are cheaper when you purchase them in season and you can catch them on sale.

Take Advantage Of A Vegetable Garden

The third good reason to freeze your own vegetables is to take advantage of a vegetable garden, or homegrown sprouts, or homegrown microgreens

If you grow your own food regardless of the method indoors or out sprouts micro greens are in your vegetable garden or just some pots on your patio they also have a season and much of the country cannot grow year-round gardens. However if you harvest food when it’s available repair it and freeze it you can distributed across more of the year assuming it lasts that long and you don’t eat it all up.

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