Technology – Is Linux Operating System Right For You?

In short: if you own a computer or some other electronic device, you could probably use Linux. However, Linux isn’t like other operating systems in several key ways. This means that Linux isn’t very customizable since standard programs, like word processors and web servers, can be switched out. However, with a few clever Linux tweaks, you can make your computer do just about anything. And we’ll show you how.

For starters, the Linux operating system is actually an open-source operating system. In other words, anyone who has a computer can download it, modify it, compile it, and then release it for the world to change. Many large corporations, like Google, have been using Linux for years. So, while Linux lacks the capabilities of more expensive proprietary operating systems, it certainly has the versatility to meet any need you may have.

One reason that Linux is so customizable is because of the way it works with the Linux kernel. Linux was created by kernel engineers. Those people worked for the Linux company (called Red Hat in the US), who then released the Linux operating system for free to anyone who wanted to take it and use it. This has led to millions of Linux PCs around the world, giving them almost-unlimited scalability.

Because Linux is an open-source operating system, many third-party applications will work on it. The most notable, and perhaps most popular, are office suite suites, like Microsoft Office. However, even if you don’t own Microsoft Office, there are still dozens of excellent third-party office applications for Linux that are free. In fact, many of the most common desktop computers already have good Linux preinstalled. And, for those who want to take it a step further, there are also many free, open-source programs available for Linux that can take your computing experience to a whole new level. Not only does Linux run great software programs, but it’s also ideal for network administration and web development, among other things.

Another advantage of using Linux is that, unlike proprietary software, it’s free software. This means we can continue modifying, adding, and upgrading the Linux operating system at little to no cost to ourselves. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy a new computer when we can get the same exact thing for free? It’s pretty simple, actually; free software just doesn’t cost that much money!

So, if you’re looking for a new computer, I would definitely recommend taking a look at Linux. As technology increases, we need to ensure that our computers are not becoming obsolete before they become completely insufficient. Luckily, the Linux operating system is here to fill that need and is much more affordable than proprietary programs.