Business – Perfecting Consulting Marketing

Business - Perfecting Consulting Marketing

There’s no better way to make a living for many entrepreneurs than assisting others in Creating and Marketing Solutions. That’s why Peter Block has created The Art of the Turnkey Consultancy. In this comprehensive guide, he shares key concepts that are the cornerstones of his marketing consultant experience. His strategies are not new, but they are refined and made even more powerful because he knows from experience what it takes to draw clients and keep them. With these new concepts in mind, you can create the marketing success you’ve always dreamed of by incorporating them into your own consulting business.

One of the keys to making it as a marketing consultant is having a strategy that works. Several key marketing principles apply to all business areas: Brand positioning & branding, prospecting, & lead generation. These key elements are intertwined, and Peter Block knows how to apply these key marketing principles in his own particular consulting practice.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is everything you do to position your business or services in the minds of potential clients. Once you’ve developed an image, you want to maintain it. Brand positioning & branding help you build trust, consistency, credibility, and the other intangible assets necessary to attract and retain clients. One principle of marketing that applies to all kinds of business principles is that the more reliable and consistent your service, the more likely clients will be to do business with you. This principle also applies to marketing principles, and Peter Block’s formula is simple: The more reliable and consistent you are, the more clients you will attract and retain.

Consumers Are The Key

Another key principle of marketing that applies to all kinds of business principles is that consumers are the key to your business success. You cannot survive without customers; after all, they are your main source of income. Therefore, a marketing plan should always include a strategy for winning new clients. One of the keys to achieving this goal is marketing through value. Consumers are more likely to buy a product or service if it is valuable to them.

Identify Your Niche And Build Upon It

A third core principle of marketing is to identify your niche and build upon it. Broadly speaking, there are three types of clients: the key client, the prospects, and the crossover clients. As the veteran consultant and speaker, I have developed several key marketing messages that I believe will work well regardless of whether you are dealing with clients in the core market or niche.

The Message’s Power

The next principle that I believe is at the heart of all good marketing is the message’s power. Getting your message into your clients’ minds and/or subconscious mind is the most important and difficult part in business. When I speak and practice marketing, I stress that getting across this message to clients is one of the hardest things to do. In fact, it can be argued that many marketing messages are actually received unconsciously. This is why some of my colleagues and I have come up with a series of questions to ask clients before a marketing campaign.

In the business of consulting, having a message that is powerful and compelling is essential. You need to make a lasting impression on your prospects. Your message has to engage them and make them want to know more.

The core principles of Peter Block’s marketing approach are:

  • Brand positioning
  • Consumers Are The Key
  • Identify Your Niche And Build Upon It
  • The Message’s Power

These principles help you create a powerful connection with your prospects so they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. They inspire confidence and trust. If you want to be a flawless consultant, then these principles will help you get there. With confidence and trust in place, your clients will be more likely to buy from you. Remember, the more confident you are about your abilities, the easier it is for others to do business with you.