How to Use the Eight Step Writing Process

The brainstorming and research-gathering phase of the eight-step writing process is the most vital part. This is because you are beginning to build the foundation for your business. Many people do not realize it but without the foundation, your business could easily fall apart. In this article, I will show you how to use the brainstorming and research-gathering process to help you write better.

The first step in the brainstorming phase is to create a list of ideas. This does not mean that you have to have a large list. However, when you begin this phase you should have a fairly decent-sized list. By having a list you are making it much easier to organize the ideas that you are going to be using. This is important because as you organize your ideas you will be able to think of ways to organize the information that you have. This will make it much easier to get into the research phase.

After you have your list you need to research all the different options you have for each category on the list. This is important because as you research you will be able to write better content. This research can actually help you out in the brainstorming phase because it gives you something concrete to write about. As you dig through the research, you will see what topics are coming up most often.

The third stage is to sort through the ideas that are on your list. To do this you have to eliminate all the ideas that do not apply to your business or to the topic you have chosen. Then you must sort the ideas that do apply into distinct sections. This will make it much easier for you to write the different sections needed for your article or to the structure that you need for the ideas.

You also have to organize the ideas into a readable format. At this point, it would be a good idea to take some time and really think about how you want the ideas to read. This will allow you to organize them properly so you will be able to use the brainstorming and organize the ideas into paragraphs, sub-headlines, and sentences.

In the next stage, you will start to write the research. While brainstorming you will have gathered a lot of information but at this point, it is still difficult to put it all down in a simple way. There may be too many ideas or too many aspects to remember. If you are brainstorming with someone else the person will be able to give you feedback on whether certain aspects are confusing. If you are using a notebook or notepad, write everything down on paper first, then edit it as you need to.

The final stage is the organization of the research. At this point, you should have all the research in a logical order. By placing the research in an organized way you will be able to write better and faster. At this stage of brainstorming, you should remove any notes that are not directly related to the research topic or you may need to rewrite some of the information.

If you follow the basics of the eight-step writing process then you will have no problem brainstorming and organizing your ideas. Remember, brainstorming is the first step to success. Without it, ideas will be haphazardly thrown about and won’t make sense. When you get a chance to sit down and brainstorm, take advantage of the opportunity. It will help you become a better writer, save you time, and most of all, allow you to be creative.