Cooking – What Is Kimchi?

Kimchi is widely used in Asian cuisine. Basically, Kimchi is fermented cabbage radish, or other vegetables.  Kimchi can be season with made from ginger, anise seeds, garlic, and other ingredients. The Kimchi fermentation process transforms the fiber of the cabbage into starch.

Kimchi usually starts out as a simple type of cabbage, typically, red in color which has a mild, almost sweet flavor. As the fermentation of the Kimchi begins, the longer and thicker it becomes and the more intense its taste can be. Kimchi is often  seasoned with spices liske Chinese chili powder  added to the vegetab le to be fermented.

After fermentation, Kimchi retains the original color and flavor, and then can be cooked. Often, the cooking process destroys some of the vitamins and minerals (such as lactic acid), and this is why people tend to like their Kimchi without sugar and salt. Sugar and salt give Kimchi a sour taste.