Technology – What Is SQLite?

SQLite is open source, free, and available for use in both on-site and off-site databases. SQLite is an embedded, file-based RDBMS to support local data storage for individual applications and devices.

SQLite Use Cases

SQLite’s RDBMS characteristics and very small footprint make SQLite a good fit for these Use Cases:

  • Internet Of Things (IoT) and embedded devices,
  • Low-to-medium traffic websites
  • Small Scale testing and internal development,
  • Data analysis using Tcl or Python, and
  • Small Scale education applications

Advantages Of SQLite

There are many benefits and advantages of SQLite. SQLite is very stable and has a long history of support for various operating systems. The fact that it runs the most widely used server processes for DMS makes it one of the most popular open-source databases available today.

As a result, there are many unique features and functions that provide you with several advantages over other packages. Some of the benefits of SQLite are the following:

  • SQLite is safe and secure, easy to learn and easy to use,
  • SQLite does not require a server to run,
  • SQLite can be ported to a wide variety of platforms,
  • SQLite supports multitasking,
  • SQLite is extensible,
  • SQLite has a single database storage capability,
  • SQLite adheres to the ACID, providing security against all forms of data corruption, and
  • SQLite can use any language with which you are comfortable.

Disadvantages Of SQLite

As with any software, there are also some disadvantages of SQLite:

  • SQLite has a very limited feature set and capacity,
  • SQLite lacks multi-user capabilities which are normally found in full-fledged RDBMS systems,
  • SQLite uses serialized write operations,
  • SQLite lacks a Database as a Service (DBaaS) offering from the major cloud providers.

If you are new to programming, I’d suggest looking into some of the different ways to learn about databases — no “one size fits all” approaches here. SQLite comes complete with a Graphical User Interface that gives you unprecedented control over how you work with your database. You can create, modify and delete documents right from your graphical user interface, and many other functions, like filters and joins, can also be accessed from the graphical user interface. Overall, the SQLite package provides a very powerful way to manage your information… so long as you use it in the proper way.

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