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Whether you are a rookie programmer or a seasoned developer, you need a reliable text editor to increase your performance, productivity, and efficiency. The truth is, text editors are the lifeblood for many development teams, programmers, and coders across the world. But these editors are not created equal!

A good text editor should help you write neat and accurate code that is devoid of formatting issues. It should also have a fast, flexible, and functional interface that allows you to examine and edit your code on the go. Additionally, the programming text editors should offer robust interoperability between different OS systems, allowing you to deploy your favorite development environment on any machine.

With so many choices available out there, how do you find the best free programming text editor that does the job the way it was intended to be done? In this article, we will explore some of the best free programming text editors you need for productive development.

Let’s dive in.

1. Sublime text

The best code editor all-round

Sublime is a lightweight, feature-rich text editor that offers a beautiful interface to write all your code. This editor has premium features such as distraction-free writing mode and split editing designed to give you an enhanced user experience.

The sublime text editor offers a free version that contains as many features as its $80 paid version. Built on a python API, the sublime editor supports cross-platform integration, which is optimized to deliver the same speed and functionality across Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Some of the popular features of sublime editor include:

  • It has excellent cross-platform operability
  • It is a python-based plugin API, allowing for important upgrades using plugins
  • It has an excellent Command Palette.
  • It supports split/parallel editing of code.
  • It provides project-specific preferences.
  • It has wonderful syntax highlighting
  • It has a slew of attractive color schemes and great community themes for high-level customization
  • It has extremely user-friendly and powerful shortcuts.

2. Visual Studio Code

The most fully-featured, well-rounded editor

If you are looking for a robust programming text editor with all the necessary user-centric features and a great community, Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (vscode) is your best bet. This new kid on the block has become a popular option among developers.

Visual Studio Code is a free, open-source editor with outstanding cross-platform operability. This means that you can download it directly on your Windows, macOS, or Linux machine for free.

Like the sublime editor, visual studio code offers a comprehensive list of features, packages, and free extensions that can be downloaded from its growing community marketplace for a truly customized user experience.

This text editor makes the best IDEs for python developers. Here are some of the features that have made it a favorite amongst many developers:

  • Free editor with an open-source access
  • Interoperability across Linux, Windows, and Mac systems
  • An active community and lots of use-based information
  • Intellisense feature that takes auto-completion and syntax highlighting to the next level
  • In-built Git commands
  • Debugging options
  • Highly customizable
  • Loads of integrations
  • It has massive support for languages.

3. Atom

The best free programming text editor with full Git integration and friendly UI

Atom is an open-source editor developed by Github to offer a robust out-of-box integration with Git and Github. While slower than Vscode and sublime, Atom offers the same reliability and cross-platform interoperability as its peers.

Atom allows its users to customize their editors by editing the CSS or JavaScript in its backend. It has an impressive feature known as Teletype that allows you to share your project progress with friends, allowing developers to work and collaborate on the same project seamlessly.

Popular features:

  • It is open source.
  • Teletype allows teams to work together
  • Allows robust cross-platform interoperability
  • Based on the Electron framework
  • Modern UI
  • Easily customizable
  • It has smart auto-complete and IntelliSense
  • Integrated with Git and GitHub

4. Notepad++

The best free, windows-based programming text editor

Notepad++ is a free source code editor that supports several languages in an MS Windows environment. Built on a purely C++ environment, this editor has a punch of lightweight features that allow for higher execution speed and smaller program size.

Notepad++ is built on the foundations of utilizing low CPU power while still delivering decent smart highlighting, syntax highlighting, split-screen editing, tabbed files, auto-completion, and synchronized scrolling features that a good text editor needs.

Popular features:

  • Cool auto-completion features
  • Creates lightweight programs
  • synchronized scrolling features
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Has bookmark support
  • Provides code folding
  • Has a robust document amp
  • Provides support for Perl Compatible Regular Expression.

5. Brackets

The best free programming text editor for new users

Brackets is an open-source editor created by Adobe to offer an easy user experience to programmers. It has robust front-end technologies that make it super easy to edit CSS files. This lightweight yet powerful editor has some cool modern features and packages that make it easy to make browser-facing coding using focused visual tools and preprocessor support.

The Brackets editor is specially designed to support front-end developers and web designers. It has a host of extensions that add functionality and makes it easy to run W3C validation, Git integration, indenting, HTML, and CSS formatting.

Popular features:

  • It provides an attractive User Interface.
  • It provides a live preview.
  • It has PHP support.
  • It has support for multiple tabbed editing.
  • It has support for multiple tabbed editing.
  • It facilitates with inline editors.
  • It has preprocessor support for SCSS and LESS.
  • It supports plugin extensions.

Wrapping It Up

A bunch of text editors, both free and paid, offer unique features to help you write codes that are perfectly compatible with any device. Ultimately, the best free programming text editor is the one you work most efficiently with. When starting off, we’d advise that you test out a few to see which helps you get your work done more quickly.

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