Gardening – Growing Mesclun

Mesclun: pronounced as “Mesh-Claw” Mesclun is an amalgam of various small fresh salad greens originating in Provence, France, centuries ago. The original mix comprises arugula, chervil, leafy greens, and chicory, while the word mesclun can also refer to “mixed greens.” The green vegetables used in mesclun are diverse. You will find an amazing variety of greens ranging from the spinach found in Italy to the cabbage used in Germany to the wild greens available in the United Kingdom. The salad mixes used by American chefs are more varied Mesclun is popular because of it versatility, especially, among folks who eat a lot of salads and greens.

Mesclun is a cool season crop so the best time for growing Mesclun outdoors is spring through early summer or in early fall through the first frost. It is essential to plant Mesclun in a cool, shady area. To preserve the moisture in the soil, place the plants in rows. When the first signs of sunshine begin to appear, place some Mesclun seeds in shallow rows and cover them with some low-lying shade cloth. You can also sprinkle some garden lime on the top of the row as a protective measure.

Mesclun requires a lot of water. Be careful to keep an ample supply of water available for the plants. When it is necessary to water the plants, make sure you are not spraying the foliage of the entire crop, as this will prevent the crop from growing properly. Instead, water the lower foliage first and then work up to the main stem of the Mesclun.

There are several different ways in which you can use Mesclun for salads. One popular way is to mix Mesclun with various greens, especially for a stronger taste in their salads. One excellent way to blend the greens is to mix chopped romaine lettuce with the greens. Another good combination to consider is to mix chopped iceberg lettuce with the greens. Another interesting way to consume the greens is by using a blender to puree them.

Other good choices of salad greens to blend with Mesclun are radishes, asparagus, beets, kale, mustard greens, and red onions. You can also add several chopped, hardworking leafy greens at a time, such as baby’s spinach or turnip greens. Try experimenting with different combinations to see what combination works the best for you. You may also want to consider how to grow your own Mesclun since this will allow you to select and prepare the freshest arugula you can find.

To grow your own Mesclun, you will need a few basic supplies. Since these greens are fairly low in cost, they are quite easy to grow yourself. In fact, you can often find complete plantings for only a few dollars at a local nursery. Once you have established a good growth rate, you can begin to mix different types of leafy greens together. In fact, you may even mix these different types of greens with baby greens if you would like. The beauty of growing your own Mesclun is that you can mix and match the types of materials you buy since many different varieties can be mixed.

For example, you can mix collard greens with small white or red onions, baby carrots (sour and sweet), cress or turnips, and arugula leaves. If you are interested in keeping your arugula stems intact, you can mix cilantro with garlic or shallots. Just remember to use these different components sparingly, and always rinse off any cooked or mixed ingredients before using them to serve. When you serve your Mesclun at a gathering or make it part of a salad, you will enjoy freshness much more than if you use store-bought Mesclun that has been sitting around for several days.

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