Cooking – Barbecue Tips and Techniques

Barbecue is the combination of meat, vegetables, and seasonings cooked on an open fire. This great dish originated in Central America, and like most culinary traditions, it has been modified through the years. The history of barbecues is as long as the human civilization itself. Different cultures have their own techniques for cooking. Today, these tips and techniques for barbecuing are offering to help you get the best out of your barbecue experience.

One of the most basic techniques for cooking barbecue is indirect heat. In this technique, the meat is placed on the top rack of the grill, and the juices that naturally occur on the meat are cooked by the indirect heat of the grill. There are many different techniques for cooking barbecue, direct heat, over charcoal, using wood chips, using a gas barbecue, and others but one thing which all experts agree on though is that a propane grill is a way to go. The propane grill keeps the flames small and therefore makes it easy to control, the heat is uniform, and it is very clean to maintain.

Another common technique for barbecue is the smoking method. In this cooking method, the meat, veggies, and sauces are placed on the top rack of the grill, with the foil covering the grill. A drip tray beneath the grill is then used to complete the score. This is the slowest method of cooking and requires some careful attention to detail. You will want to make sure the foil is properly covering the grill, the drip trays are well filled with water, and that the lid is placed over the entire grill to ensure even cooking.

Smoking a barbecue begins with the grilling stage and involves wrapping the meat in aluminum foil while still hot. The foil should be tight enough that the heat from the grill won’t escape yet should allow air circulation. You can then place the meat on top of the aluminum foil and allow it to smoke for several hours, sometimes overnight. If you want to make sure that the meat cooks evenly, you may want to use tongs when cooking.

Charcoal grilling is another common technique and involves using charcoal in your cooker to cook your meat. Charcoal is actually the best fuel for cooking because it has natural enzymes that will burn better than other types of wood. You can either build your own fire pit or buy a commercially available charcoal grill. Most charcoals are not as expensive as gas grills, but they take up a lot of room.

There are three other methods of cooking with hot coals. The first is a dry heat, which is the oldest method of cooking barbecue. In dry heat, you use a propane stovetop to generate fire and dry heat. The other two methods are wet heat and electric infrared heating systems.

Wet heat does not require electricity or propane to generate fire. It uses infrared light. Electric infrared grills have the benefit of being able to sear the meat without smoking it. Unlike the char-broil method, searing the meat preserves its flavor, which can destroy some of the taste.

A charcoal barbeque is probably the easiest method to learn. Place the coal on the coals in a ring, add the wood and cover it with a lid until the coals are ready. Turn the gas barbecue off and open the lid. Add a few pieces of wood and charcoal to the middle of the ring. Cover the lid tightly and leave it to heat up. When the lid is closed, remove it, turn the gas barbecue back on and return the wood and charcoal to the original position.