Cooking – What is a Pizza?

Pizza is an Italian food commonly made of a flatbread, usually square base of dough flavored with tomato, olive oil, cheese, and other ingredients that are then baked at a high temperature, usually in a coal-burning oven. A slice of pizza can be called a pizza pie in some parts of the world. A pizza can also be called a pizza slice in some areas. In the United States, however, pizza is called what is typically called a pizza. Most people know pizza as a thin, crispy pizza slice, while it is a long thin dish in Italy. A pizza is sometimes called focaccia, though pizza is simply called focaccia in some areas of Italy. A pizza is simply called a focaccia with no reference to the style or shape in other areas.

In the United States, when most people think of a pizza, what comes to mind is a thin circle slice of baked crust with toppings of all sorts on it. However, depending on what is available and what type of crust is used, a pizza can vary greatly from a thin layer of crisp crust with a few toppings, like chicken or mozzarella, to a deep dish with several layers of the cooked crust topping, like focaccia or Shepherd’s pie. In the United Kingdom, a pizza is usually called a “pizza,” as in “pizza al rug.” The word “pizza” comes from two Greek words, “Picea,” meaning thin, and “Roma,” meaning bread.

In Italy, pizza is called a soppressata, whereas, in the United States, a pizza generally refers to a baked thin crust pizza with most or all the toppings on it. The word “pizza” actually comes from two Greek words, “piice,” meaning bread, and “soppressata,” meaning sauce or cooking agent. Thus, a pizza generally refers to a type of bread with various types of sauce. In addition, what is a pizza pie has a broad meaning, including both the crust and what is put on it, whether it is tomato sauce, cheese, marinara, or other types of sauces. As in the English language, a pizza pie generally depends on what kind of crust is used, what kind of sauce is used, and what kind of toppings are put on it.