How to Deal With Too Many Emails

Studies have proven that too many emails are not only tiring but can also lead to burnout. Too many emails can be a source of stress and frustration. It is easy to see how productivity can be affected if this habit becomes the rule rather than the exception. For those who need to get a lot of work done, productivity will often suffer. If you need to organize your emails, here are some time management tips that can help.

First, if you find yourself checking your email repeatedly throughout the day, consider reducing the number of emails you check-in. Studies have indicated that most of those who suffer from email overload suffer from a serious case of the blues. This means that they cannot function without spending time analyzing each and every email sent to them.

The best time management tip for staying on task is to only check your email for important emails. While it may take only a moment on average to focus on what we’re working on, this distracts from all the important work getting done. You can still be productive and spend quality time with your family and friends. However, by only checking your important emails once per day, you ensure your productivity is not sacrificed in favor of checking your emails.

Be sure to give your best shot right away. Give your best effort when you have an important email. Do not wait until the next day. Your best effort will show immediately, and you will be more likely to put in the time later when you have more urgent messages to deal with. Instead of setting yourself up for additional punishment, be sure to do your best and give your best shot immediately.

Don’t use the auto-responder that comes with your internet service provider. It’s not too terribly expensive, but it’s annoying to receive several automatic emails back to the same post. If you only need to receive five to ten emails per day, you can use an autoresponder service instead. This will help you manage your inbox time more effectively and increase your productivity and business profits.

Be sure to set aside time for yourself and take some time off the internet. When you are bombarded with email all the time, it gets to be hard to find time to sit back and read through your inbox from time to time. If you can reduce the amount of time you spend online, you will notice less time spent replying to emails and spending more time doing productive things.

Get rid of your spam. Spam is a huge problem and one that is increasing each and every day. In fact, many people complain that they have so much time deleting junk emails that they don’t know what else to do with their time. Some people use email aliases to avoid receiving unwanted spam. You should also consider deactivating the option in your email settings that allows anyone to send you emails as spam.

Set up some type of email training for yourself and your family members. Your family members probably get mail daily, so they are likely receiving too many emails already. Teach them to use your email server only when necessary and set up a time to check their inboxes once a week. This will save you time and energy by removing the constant worry about what someone is doing in their inbox. Delegate work to others if you don’t need to do it yourself. Delegating work will increase productivity and decrease your workload.

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