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Meditations by Marcus Aurelius are a set of rules that will guide a person to be calm and in control of his/her life. A person must control themselves, avoid anger and rage, and not be controlled by his emotions. The code also includes principles about the use of language (Mediterranean), a person’s senses (seventh sense), his work (lifestyle), and finally, his relationship with God (conscience).

These meditations have been used since the time of the Roman Empire. However, the popularity of these principles has waned more recently because people have found it difficult to apply them in their lives. That’s why the present author has included some contemporary translations that make these principles easier to understand and use. Also, I have included a short description below of each principle.

First of all, we have to introduce our terms. According to this principle, a person can be in two states at once – conscious and unconscious. Conscious means one is aware of one’s surroundings; unconscious, on the other hand, means that one is not aware of one’s surroundings. Consciousness is always first and foremost before awareness of anything else. According to this principle, when you are trying to meditate, you should try to become conscious of everything that surrounds you and try to remain as much as possible in your state of consciousness. This is the reason why experts recommend sitting for five to ten minutes in a relaxed position.

The next principle is related to the second state of consciousness mentioned earlier. This states that we should avoid using logic. In fact, logic is one of the enemies of the state of mind, which is peace and tranquility. Doing this will help calm our minds and make us more receptive to the feelings and emotions of other people.

Furthermore, meditations should also be aimed at establishing a connection with God. This can be achieved by reading Bible passages or listening to religious music. It is also advised to write down the messages you want to imprint in your mind while meditating. This way, you will be reminded of what you have written down whenever you return to your original state of mind.

Another thing that should be remembered is that a person doesn’t need to meditate facing a wall. Even if you cannot see a wall, you can still use a mirror. By doing so, you can increase the possibility that you will enter into a happier state of mind. However, you have to remember that only a single reflection is enough for a person to see his or her own image.

Furthermore, in addition to visualizing your image, a person should also try to imagine surrounding walls. By doing so, he or she will envision all the positive and negative aspects of the walls. This way, you will build your self-confidence by simply looking at various aspects of your surroundings. You can also imagine the benefits that you will gain in the future if you can overcome your fears. Hence, people need to keep their minds as calm as possible.

Moreover, if you are going to undertake meditations, you need to wear comfortable clothes. This is because it will be easier for you to meditate when you are comfortable. In addition to that, a person’s concentration level will also be higher when he or she wears comfortable clothing. In addition to that, you must also breathe properly because the more relaxed you are during meditations, the better your results will be. These are just some of the things you need to consider when it comes to achieving peace of mind through meditation.

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