Gardening – Easy to Grow Fall Vegetables

Gardening - Easy to Grow Fall Vegetables

Fall Vegetable gardening is easier than summer. Even though vegetables don’t turn green during the fall months, they have a transition period from their growing season to the cold storage phase. In fact, some varieties of vegetables, such as onions, have a hard time turning brown during their travel time. So, you can harvest them earlier and start cooking them right away. There are many types of vegetables that you can grow for this time of year. However, some easy-to-grow fall vegetable tips will make fall gardening a breeze.

Tomatoes and squash are both excellent vegetables for the fall season. Tomatoes are probably the easiest vegetable to grow. You can pinch off the top of a tomato and snap off the fruit’s upper edge. Squash also makes a wonderful vegetable, but you have to be careful handling it because it has firm skin. (Make sure that you have no pests or insects near the squash seeds).

If you’re looking for an easy vegetable to grow this fall, carrots should be number one on your list. They’re easy to harvest, and you can roast them just about any way you like. And, they don’t even need to be cleaned much, if at all. Carrots usually end up in salads. Try to get rid of the skin before you put the carrots into the salad. A salad with carrots is an easy way to get lots of vitamin C, which is vital to preventing colds in the fall.

Root vegetables should definitely be on your fall planting list. They’re high in nutrients and vitamins, so they make wonderful additions to soups, stews, salads, and other healthy meals. But they’re not very pretty to look at, so don’t try to plant them too close together. Keep them apart at least a foot or two, just far enough apart to avoid scaring the horses. Be sure to dig the holes for your root vegetables a few inches deep. Then turn them over every couple of weeks to ensure proper drainage.

Fast-growing summer squash are also easy to grow, although some varieties, such as zucchini, are more difficult to grow than others. Keep in mind that squash is very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Try mulching them, instead. Mulch the soil around the base of the plant to prevent the squash from drying out completely.

Potatoes are probably the easiest vegetable to grow when it comes to variety. There are dozens of varieties from which to choose, so there’s one plant for each type of occasion. Just plant them in the same spot, and you’re ready to go. And if you want to plant some variety in the same bed, just set aside a bit of space. That way, you can plant a dwarf tomato and a dwarf potato and keep an eye on them. They’ll grow into their own little variety.

Carrots and peas are another groups of vegetables that are very easy to grow. The problem you might run into is trying to keep them from freezing. If they’re in a pot, don’t fill the pot with water right away. Let the vegetables sit in water for a day or two before filling them with cold water.

One of the best vegetables to plant during the fall is a pumpkin. Pumpkin plants will yield good yields if you take the time to care for them properly. Don’t plant them too close together. You should be able to harvest a few at a time. In addition to easy-to-grow fall leaf vegetable plants, dozens of other vegetable varieties are equally rewarding.

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