Cooking – Simple Lasagna for Two

Love lasagna but dread leftovers? Forget the leftovers. Just cook Lasagna for two. Cooked in a bread loaf pan.  This easy dinner is a healthy, low fat, low sodium, delicious meal that makes just two slices. You can eat the other half for breakfast or dessert.

Even if you’ve never cooked pasta before, this dish will ease the work of your noodles. Using a pasta roller, press the dough into noodles and turn them over so that they are flat and then cut the noodles into two pieces. Keep one piece of noodle on the lower part and use a fork to turn the second piece over so that it is now turned up at the top. Cut off the excess uncooked pasta at the bottom. Adding the sauce and cheese will dissolve the noodles and create a smooth, creamy sauce.

Bring the two noodle pieces back to the original temperature by placing the upper piece of noodles on a pot of boiling water. Allow them to get as hot as they can stand. When they are ready, place them onto a non-stick pan or baking sheet and place them into the oven directly on the hot baking sheets. Make sure that they are completely dry before removing them from the pan or baking sheet. Turn the heat down to low and let the Lasagna simmer for approximately twenty minutes to finish cooking the noodles.

This dish is also great with traditional noodles such as linguine and spiral noodles. While this may take more time than cooking traditional noodles, it is still faster and less messy. Cook the meat and vegetables using medium heat. It will be easier to avoid burning the spices if you cook the meat and vegetables using medium heat.

Once the meat and vegetables are cooked, it is advisable to add the dry noodles to the boiling water to start cooking them. Once they are fully cooked, it is important to place them in the loaf pan. Cover the loaf pan with foil and allow the Lasagna to cook undisturbed for approximately twenty minutes. If the Lasagna seems to be drying out during the cooking process, you can add one more layer of foil and bake the final layer of noodles for another five minutes. Once the noodles are done, remove the foil and fluff up the top layer of Lasagna.

Once the top layer of noodles is finished cooking, place the bottom layer of noodles on the dried-out ingredients. If possible, cover the entire bowl with a thin piece of aluminum foil. Cook the noodles until they are al dente. Make sure to mix the ingredients well. Once the noodles are fully cooked, place them on a piece of parchment paper. Fold the piece of paper over the bottom of the Lasagna to seal in the juices and flavors.

After the first layer is finished cooking, remove the pot from the heat source and add the second layer of noodles. You may need to add an additional five minutes to ensure that the moisture in the bottom is adequately driven upward into the sauce. Continue the cooking process with the second layer of noodles until you reach the desired thickness. At this point, you will want to place the finished Lasagna for Two into the oven. While the noodles are cooking, carefully add the last layer of dry pasta and cover until the sauce is completely cooked through.

When the Lasagna for Two has finished cooking, peel off the aluminum foil covering and allow the Lasagna to cool a little. To serve the delicious Lasagna for Two, add a generous helping of cheese and any other garnishes you wish.

Lasagna for Two