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How To Grow Spearmint. What is it, and why does it have orange peels? If you ask your mother, she’ll likely tell you that this aromatic herb starts out as an orange peel when it is still young. And she’s right. But it isn’t just her story.

Spearmint isn’t a hardy perennial as most plants grown for their edible parts grow that way. Instead, it is an annual that is easily killed by frost and other cold conditions that destroy most annuals’ growth. So, how to grow Spearmint indoors for harvesting? Mint leaves are the best choice for harvesting, as they are large and can be easily picked from the stems.

Harvesting spearmint requires pruning. It is recommended you do this in the fall, before the flowers begin to open, so as not to interfere with their growth. Mint is best for young plants, but you may sow seeds as the ground has begun to warm in the fall.

How To Grow Spearmint: Harvesting spearmints from the garden requires special watering, fertilization, and preparation. You will need to ensure the area you plan to harvest from receives full sun. The area should also receive fertilizer according to the recommendations on the packaging – one ounce per gallon. You may want to use a soil-based liquid fertilizer or a soil fertilizer designed specifically for new growth. Be sure not to let any leftover fertilizers sit on the stems for a long time – they will eventually rot, and you won’t notice it.

When you are ready to harvest your spearmint plants, there are a few tips that will help keep them looking their best. Harvest your plants just after the tops have erupted and burst open – this is their best time. If you harvest later, the roots will still be under the heavy influence of moisture and cold, meaning little or no new growth. Harvest before the flowers open completely – buds that have opened tend to dry out and die. And finally, don’t harvest your plants until the sweet, vibrant leaves have burst open – that is when they are at their peak.

How To Grow Spearmint: How To Grow Spearmint Plants Every Two Years Instead Of Everyone? To avoid many dead leaves on the stem (which will weigh it down), remove them as you prune your houseplants. It is best to do this every two years instead of the one year you would normally wait. This is especially important if you have planted Spearmint in a container.

In addition to pruning, it is also important to fertilize your Spearmint plants each month during their growing season. A good way to do this is to make a mixture of half water and half fertilizer. Apply it to your Spearmint plant’s leaves, stems, and roots every two weeks during the growing season. Be sure to wash the fertilizer off your plants well before you store them for the winter so that you don’t have any leftovers in the summer to weigh your Spearmint plants down and make them unhealthy.

How To Grow Spearmint: How To Grow Spearmint Indoors In The Wintertime When it’s too hot to heat your Spearmint plants in the garden in the summertime, they prefer a little bit of shade. You can grow Spearmint indoors in a small pot. You will need to keep a few things in mind, though. One, make sure that the pot you choose has good drainage so that your Spearmint doesn’t end up getting drowned in the pot as it grows. Two, you might want to consider growing Spearmint in a larger pot so that you have room around the base to allow some drying out.

Spearmint Grow And Harvest

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