Business – LibreOffice Writer Basics

This LibreOffice Writer beginner’s tutorial will show you the basics of the application, which is actually a spreadsheet application. It has been developed by Open Office, a free suite of office productivity software, which also includes Calc+Wysiwyg, and Placewinds. This free application was released in April 2021 and has gained much popularity among users due to its WYSIWYG user friendly interface.

To start with the usage, you will have to start an editing session. In this application there are two possible views available in which the first view is the standard one where you can drag and drop any text from the text box. The second view is the ribbon view which allows you to move and create text in the workspace while dragging and dropping items from the tool menu. To edit the current selection simply highlight it and click on the Properties button. You will find various options in this window like font, style, color, size, location, justification, align, justification, and justification. There is also a format option available which lets you choose the desired character when you enter the text in the text box.

There are two ways you can copy text from the document. You can use the Copy As option in the General tab of the Editor properties. The first cell in the Workplane panel will be automatically replaced by the destination location, where the copied text will be placed in this option. Another option is to use the Clip Art tool in the main menu. Select the graphic that you want to use as copy area and then highlight it and pressing the copy option.

The next step in the LibreOffice Writer Tutorial is how to edit the text. The toolbar is located at the top right corner of the screen. If you right click on the toolbar then an editor will open in the designated area. You will find the following options in the editor:

Use the Edit selection mode by holding down the Alt key while selecting the text you want to place in the toolbar. Now you can move the selection region of the toolbar to different areas. Another useful option is the Auto option. With this option the toolbar will display automatically selected text when you double click on it. This feature is especially useful when you have a lot of text or a long selection.

The Format option is used for changing the value of the selection. With the Format function, you can easily change the formatting of the selection. All you need to do is select the desired action and then select the format option. The Format toolbar has general tools and more advanced ones under the Insert tab. To create a formatted selection, click on the Format button and then select the desired action.

There are many more features that are available since version 1.4. For a beginner the main limitation of this text editor is that you cannot drag selections with the mouse. You need to use the keyboard focus instead. One thing you must keep in mind is that when editing a selection, the result will be printed not only to the screen but also to the console. This is a problem for copy and paste functions.

However, it is not the fault of the software. It is available since long time and its functionality has never changed. The developers of this text processing software has added more features to keep up with the competition.

For example the Replace function allows you to replace text in a selected text area. When you use this function, the text you want to replace will be replaced with the equivalent text in the current document. The Replace function is great to use when you have more than one form of input to process. For example: you have a list of forms and you want to change the values of some of them by entering their names in the Replace function.

There is also the Replace heading option available since version 1.4. Here you can use the keyboard focus in order to create a selection of a specific heading or group of headings. The Use Highlight option is another great tool available since 1.4. Here you can highlight the texts in your document for easy reading.

The other tools available since version 1.4 include the Instant Fix tool and the Replace Exercise. These two tools allow you to quickly fix common errors that occur when you are editing text. This is a great way to correct mistakes in spelling and grammar using high quality software.

Business – LibreOffice Writer Basics

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