Business – What New In LibreOffice 7.2

What is in the new release of LibreOffice? Many of the most desired improvements were seen with the improvements to Word and the other office applications. With the Windows operating system that has been used by most people for the majority of their computing needs, the current release of the software has a lot to prove. Most users of this application have come to rely on it as their primary office suite and are quite happy with the current features and improvements. The improvements and additions made to this software are truly impressive.

Users may enjoy new features like:

  • a new object inspector for developers
  • full background fills in Writer
  • multiple columns in text boxes
  • new templates for the Impress presentation graphics application, and
  • user interface improvements.

The biggest announcement about the new version of LibreOffice is that the document format has been completely rebuilt. This means that document searching is now faster, the program will recognize when you save a document, and the entire document can be indexed easily. There are so many improvements in the Document Viewer that will allow your document viewing to be more fluid. This feature works very nicely for creating PDFs, and there are many document viewing functions available in the application.

There is a brand new feature that allows business users to view scanned copies of any documents that they might have previously saved on PDF files. With earlier versions of the application, the only way to do this was to save the document directly to a PDF file or to an external database. This feature is extremely useful for anyone who needs to access such documents regularly. The PDF feature is also useful for students who often spend long periods producing their thesis and other documents.

There are many improvements to the scanning function, which allows you to preview documents that have already been scanned. You can view the whole document or just parts, and you can zoom in or out using the mouse wheel. In addition to being able to preview the scanned file, there are many other features available. You can add text, rotate, and zoom in on all the features available on the screen. The improved zoom functions make it easy to add some extra information to the scanned document.

The Document Look feature works similar to the previous versions of the application, where you could click on the title of the image and then choose the option you wanted to edit. This feature still works in the new version, but options are now in the main menu to skew, stretch, and rotate the image. This feature works very well with the PDF feature and allows you to edit and crop the document differently. This is especially useful when you want to change the shape of a document.

There is also a new feature that allows you to edit your PowerPoint presentations. It looks very much like the PowerPoint viewer of the previous version but with some added features. You can go into the preferences and under the settings tab, there is a link for selecting an appropriate viewer. The new feature works very well with PDF and HTML documents and allows you to add text, images, and clip arts. This is a very helpful feature, especially if you are creating a presentation for a company and want to show a few mock documents. You can add text, images, and videos and change the look with the right controls.

The new feature allows you to search documents using keywords. It works very well with the PDF feature, as you can search according to keywords or subject matter. The other features do the same thing. You can search according to tags, subjects, dates, modified dates, sizes, widths, and positions, and you will get the matching document in the list.

Overall, the improvements introduced in LibreOffice 7.2 can be seen in every part of the application. You can scan and save your documents in a better way with this version. The enhanced zoom functions, document look-ups, document searches, and options for sharing your work make it a great choice for your workplace.

What New In LibreOffice 7.2

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