Gardening – Why Plant Marigolds in Your Garden

If you love growing your own vegetables but don’t have the time to pick, tend, and harvest them regularly, the next best thing is to grow some companion plants that will help you out with these chores. Some of the best vegetables that you can grow with companion planting are marigolds. They have many benefits that no other vegetable garden can offer. In fact, they are very easy to take care of and grow. Here are just a few benefits marigolds offer:

Easy Gardening. One of the best ways to really enjoy your vegetable garden is to have it year-round, and that’s exactly what companion plants can bring into your home. If you’re like most people, you either spend hours tending your garden, or you just don’t have the time to do it. If you want to really be able to grow your favorite vegetables and have a healthy, colorful garden, then planting some marigolds will give you all the benefits you’ve been missing.

Attract Pollinators. Many people often wonder why certain vegetables grow better with companion plants. If you’re wondering, it’s because the plants will attract a whole host of insects that will eat away at the pests and leaves on your plant. This includes flies, crawling pests, and aphids. By using companion plants that repel pests, you’ll be making your vegetable garden much healthier and more enjoyable to grow.

Strengthen Your Plants. Most plants need sunlight, but marigolds are even more sensitive. That’s why they should be planted as close to the light source as possible. Because they are dark-colored, marigolds will absorb a lot of the sun’s rays, so leave them shaded, if you can.

Strengthen Your Garden. A strong structure is essential for a thriving garden. Marigolds are very attractive and will add a nice touch of color to your area. They also provide support for other plants by acting as a strong root protector.

Provide Medicinal Value. Unlike most herbs, marigolds can offer different medicinal benefits. By applying pure marigold oil, you can make essential oils to apply to your skin. These oils have healing properties that help you treat skin, such as eczema, burns, insect bites, and wounds. They can also be used as a natural mosquito repellent. Applying pure marigold oil to your garden can also improve the taste and scent of your vegetables.

Strengthen Your Plants. Marigolds will also bring out the colors of your plants. When you place these plants next to each other in your garden, it will create an illusion of greater space and more depth. By creating such an illusion, you will be able to place your plants where you want them to be, increasing their overall productivity and blooming.

To sum it up, there are many benefits of planting marigolds in your garden. These benefits include: marigolds being aesthetically pleasing, attracting beneficial insects, providing protection for your other plants, strengthening and supporting your garden’s roots. You will also find that marigolds tend to grow deeper than other plants and have a beautiful shape. If you are looking for ways to enhance your garden, consider the benefits of planting marigolds. You are sure to be delighted!

So now that you are well-informed of the benefits of planting marigolds, why not try planting some today? They will still thrive but won’t be as susceptible to frost. In fact, if you live in a region where frost is a constant worry, you can use marigolds as a great way to protect your plants from frost by putting them into a container filled with water.

But before you start outgrowing them, make sure that you have the correct conditions for your plants. For instance, a sunny location will be your best bet since they don’t do well in areas where there are high levels of temperature. You should also make sure that your soil is ready for this kind of growth. Marigolds will thrive in slightly alkaline soil that has been enriched with nutrients. You can find this kind of soil at most nursery stores.

The benefits of planting marigolds in your garden aren’t limited to how pretty they look. They can be used for both decorative and medicinal purposes. They can attract beneficial bees and other insects to pollinate your plants. They can also help purify the air in your home and even enhance the flavor of certain foods. So if you need to spruce up your kitchen without making an investment in new cabinets or other expensive items, why not consider planting some marigolds in your yard?

Gardening – The Benefits of Planting Marigolds in Your Garden

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