Cooking – How to Make Jam Drop Cookies

Cooking - How to Make Jam Drop Cookies

There are many ways on how to make jam drops cookies. One of the interesting tricks on how to make jam drops cookies involves using eggs. One must use the egg in mixing sugar. This is a fun and unusual idea that kids will surely love.

If you wish to know how to make jam drops cookies, you need to know the ingredients first. You should start with some egg yolks, which should be about half-filled. After you fill it up, you can now start to beat it vigorously. The goal here is to get the yolk to come out fully and not be mashed.

You also need to know that making jam drops cookies doesn’t necessarily end with beating egg whites. Aside from egg yolks, you can also use egg whites or whole eggs. Just choose whichever flavor and texture suit your preference. The next thing you need to do is to wet the bottom of your cookie cutter.

The next step on how to make jam drops cookies is preparing the jam. You need to prepare two cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Start by placing the cut fruit into a food processor and whirling it until its texture is smooth and consistent. Once it’s done, you can now add the sugar into the processor and process it until it forms a paste-like mixture.

Lastly, you need to gather all the wet ingredients needed for the cookies. Mix them all together and form a dough. The purpose here is to ensure that the dough is not too thick or too thin. Roll the dough into a ball and place it into an ungreased oven.

Bring the oven’s temperature up to 350 degrees. Once the cookies have baked for about 10 minutes, remove them from the oven and allow them to cool down for a few more minutes. Now you are all set to enjoy your how-to make jam drops cookies. You can now use your jam as the icing for your cookies, or you can also use it to decorate your cakes. Just opt for what you prefer most.

If you want to learn how to make jam drops cookies faster, there are other ways to make this extraordinary cookie. You may opt to purchase a cookie-cutter specifically designed for this purpose. These types of cookie cutters come in cute shapes, such as a smiley face or heart. Aside from that, these cute cutters also come in sizes appropriate to individual cookies’ sizes.

As you have learned how to make jam drops cookies, you might have realized that there are other interesting things that you can make with it besides the usual jam. There are indeed many recipes that you can try out. Try experimenting and explore different types of jams to see which jam will go best with certain cookies. Who knows, maybe you will even end up inventing your own unique ways to make jam drops cookies.

For instance, if you are having your breakfast with friends, you can serve them cookies made with cranberry juice. This is a very traditional favorite, especially during holidays and special occasions. Aside from that, making jam drops cookies with cranberry is also applicable during summer when you want to cool down your hot body temperature. So what are you waiting for?

The last thing you need to know about making jam drops cookies is that you have to make sure that your cookies are perfectly shaped. To achieve this, you need to use a tape measure to measure the thickness of each cookie. Bear in mind that it should be uniform all over. Remember that your homemade cookies are supposed to be as delightful and attractive as possible. If they are not, then they will not look like a beautiful surprise to your friends.

Once you are done measuring the thickness of your cookies, you will now need to prepare the jam. This can be anything from apple sauce to yogurt. You can just choose whichever one you prefer. Once you are done preparing all the ingredients, you can already start making your jams! You can place all your ingredients together and just mix everything together using your hands or a mixer.

After that, you can transfer the cookies to a tray lined with wax paper. Then, you can let them sit for at least two hours so that the cookies will dry up. Once they are fully dried, you can now remove them from the waxed paper and cut them into one-inch pieces. Then, you can fill them back into the tin and freeze them for several hours before you use them. All these tips on how to make jam drops cookies are truly effective!

Cooking – How to Make Jam Drops

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