Pets – Kids and Puppy Care When Living Together

Parents of puppies and kids who are new arrival in a home should always consider carefully the kind of pack they will have. Puppies are very playful and happy and kids can be very mischievous but this should not always be cause for alarm. A responsible puppy owner will always ensure that their new puppy is safe and secure in the family home. Many aspects need to be considered before deciding upon a new puppy. It is best to ask the opinion of an expert or a family member if you are unsure about what type of pack would suit your needs and lifestyle.

When arriving at home with a new puppy and kids, it is important to make sure that everyone in the family enjoys the new puppy. It is normal for kids to get excited about new things but this excitement must not be misinterpreted as jealousy. The kids should learn to play along with the dogs as they play with their human counterparts. Puppies and kids who establish the proper pack environment to live with, learn to cope with each other and create good dog-and-kid relations.

Puppies and kids who arrive at home should always be able to socialize and show each other affection without being afraid of being teased or pushed away. The best time to introduce this with the new puppy is around eight weeks old as the puppy can already play with you and not push you away as most would do at this age. As the puppies get older, they begin to learn that biting and chewing are acceptable playing methods. In general, puppies prefer to play with the family’s pet rather than being placed in another adult’s space.

The importance of socialization during the first couple of weeks of life cannot be overstated. This is essential as it helps puppies and kids learn to co-exist with each other and with people in general. When a dog is introduced to all family members, the dog will quickly learn what is appropriate behavior and what is not. The goal is to create a harmonious relationship between the dog and the entire family.

Kids and puppies, as well as adults, require annual vaccinations. If you know that you will be taking your puppy somewhere before they are fully grown, you may want to consider getting an early booster shot as they will need it no matter what size they get when they are fully grown. However, during the first two months of life, you do not need to have an advanced vaccination. Get a normal booster shot once a year for both puppies and children six months old and older.

At four to six months old, children can get a booster shot as well. If you want to raise kids, it is always important to start them on good habits early. This includes vaccines and ensuring they get regular check ups at the vet. You want to ensure your pet is healthy and that their needs are met. If you plan to allow kids to live in your home with you and your puppy, you should always tell them that you do not want any unneeded shots.

Kids and puppies also enjoy going potty. You can teach your puppy how to recognize the correct place to go potty through positive reinforcement. Create a schedule and stick to it. Praise your pup when they do right and take them outside to finish off the job.

It is important to keep a close eye on your pet if you have kids and puppies in the house. Pets need to see the vet regularly for shots and other checkups. An unplanned trip out could signal a serious illness or problem. You can always take your pet to the vet with you in the car, but everyone should stay close by. A car is usually a safer place for kids and puppies than a house because there is more chance of an accident.

Pets – Kids and Puppy Care When Living Together