Reading – The Principles of Getting Past No

Reading – The Principles of Getting Past No

“Getting Past No” is the theme of this bestseller book written by William Ury. It’s a book that talks about no more than the universal laws of our universe. In this regard, it does not preach the end of days or the Second Coming of Christ, but rather it presents an overview of what is to come. If we look into it closely then we can see that the skeptics are really just people who do not believe that the coming of Christ is inevitable. As a result, people who are against such predictions find themselves in an argument similar to the one presented by the skeptic.

This “book” talks about three principles that we can apply to our lives to prepare for what the future has in store. The first principle talks about our ability to forgive others. It goes without saying that no mean or malicious person will be able to harm us. And that includes those who would do us harm. In this sense, we are better off if we allow others to do as they please, and we do not have any say in the matter.

The second principle speaks about being content on our own. In this world, no one is ever satisfied with themselves. No matter how much we do for others, they would always want more and still expect more from us. As a result, we are encouraged to be thankful for all we have and pursue our dreams.

The third and last principle talks about the universal connection between man and the universe. This principle says that all men and women are one. In addition, it also says that we all have the same seed, which will one day sprout into a tree that will give us life. To get what we want out of life, we should be willing to work hard for it. The universe will provide all the help we need to reach our goals if we only ask for it.

On the other hand, if we will not ask, the universe will not give anything to us. Of course, some would try to cheat us out of our rightful possessions. The law of reciprocity clearly states that we cannot get someone else’s property. We can only get it if they give us something in return. Thus, the famous saying goes: “All men are brothers; the brotherhood of all men is stronger than the kingdom of God.”

So far, these three principles have inspired thousands of people into action. However, they are just the tip of the iceberg. Many more principles motivate us to make a difference in the world today. Some of these include: loving our enemies; giving without expecting anything in return; and accepting others what they give. All of these principles are meant to help us live a better and more meaningful life.

In Getting Past No, William Ury teaches us that accepting others, regardless of their race, color, or nationality, empowers us to positively act towards others in the future. He further explains that this principle is more powerful and relevant today than it has ever been before. After all, racial discrimination is a reality and has been for decades. What we have to do today is to eliminate bias and preconceived notions in our minds, and as William says: ” Acceptance is always the first step toward progressive change.”

This is just one principle from the book that inspired me to write an entire book on its principles and concepts. William says that we live in a “time of illusion” and that we need to “re-educate ourselves about the past and present to create a more positive future.” Surely, these simple steps from Getting Past No can contribute greatly towards a more fulfilling life. If you have read this far, I must say that you too have the power to change the future for everyone else and for yourself. So please, take time to read the rest of this masterpiece.

Reading – The Principles of Getting Past No

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