Success – Why You Should Carry a Pen and Pocket Notebook

The single most important reason you should carry a pen and notebook is the creativity it helps develop. The imagination, critical thinking, and writing skills that are developed through actually using the pen and writing out the ideas that need to be worked on are truly astounding. When the brain processes and puts pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard an amazing amount of information is synthesized into creative solutions. This is the opposite of what occurs when a person merely listens to the voice in their head or reads from a book. When a person actually starts to think and write out their own ideas this creativity is developed.

Another reason why you should carry a pen and notebook is that many studies have been conducted that show that when people are more active and move around, they tend to think and use more of their brain capacity. In one particular study conducted by a college student, it was found that when the student moved from his usual desk to a table, he actually increased his critical thinking ability. This student actually had a greater ability to solve problems that arose from the need for instant and solid solutions. A student can not be expected to think logically and rationally when they are sitting at their desk doing nothing much.

Pen and notebooks go a long way in helping students enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills. Many of the students did not know where to begin when trying to increase their critical thinking. A person needs to know how to organize their thoughts and analyze the information they come across. The use of a pen and notebook gives the student that opportunity.

In addition, many people who work with a computer daily, whether for work or for pleasure, also need a good writing device for when they want to jot down some notes or do research. For example, a student may need to jot down an essay, or perhaps a research paper. A pen and notebook is a good choice. Students who use computers daily can easily lose track of time or simply become distracted. A pen and notebook can help them stay focused.

Students living in college dorms usually carry a notebook. Sometimes, they will have several students that they spend most of their time with. When the roommate moves out, the student might have to move his or her belongings to a new dorm. To avoid the inconvenience of unpacking everything again, the student might want to carry his or her notebook with them.

Writing materials that are easy to carry will help a student write more efficiently. That’s why you should always have a pen and notebook handy. Students can use their notebooks for research, school work, or just for keeping information handy. When you are attending classes, you should always be prepared with your notebook. You don’t want to lose your notes while waiting for your professor to arrive. If you use your notebook often, you won’t forget what you should write or where you left it.

Most students find that carrying a pen and pocket notebook reduces the number of scratches on their desks. They aren’t as likely to have papers lying around on the table that they can pick up and start writing on. When you use a pen and notebook instead of a mouse or thumb drive, you also eliminate the chances of anyone taking your pen and putting it in their own mouth.

A pen and pocket notebook are very handy items for a college student. They keep everything within reach. They give students a chance to be more organized with their studies. When you carry one, you will also decrease the chances of missing anything important. All these reasons why you should carry a pen and pocket notebook are great ones to consider, but if you aren’t already carrying one, then now is the time to get one.

Why You Should Carry a Notebook With You Everywhere For Increased Productivity and Mental Health