Reading – Start With No by Jim Campanale

“Start With No” by Jim Campanale is a simple but powerful book that teaches you how to make choices with wisdom instead of emotion. In many cases, you might think you’re making the right choice until something happens. At that point, most people freeze up and do nothing at all. But you know in your heart that what you were doing wasn’t working, so you do nothing about it. This is where “Start With No” can help you.

Campanale is a living example of how simple the principles of this book really are. He gives you the principles to live by and shows you how they apply to your own life. The book also includes many practical exercises you can do to put the principles into action in your daily life. There is even a short lesson on how you can use a simple metaphor to reframe a negative thought or situation into something positive and beneficial to your life.

You may not immediately see the principles as being applicable to your own situation. The book is full of examples from various fields including sports, finance, sales, and many other areas. So it’s easy to get lost in the book and forget about what you already know. The principles are however applicable to just about any circumstance you could face in your personal or professional life.

The most important principle that you learn in “Start With No” is to never compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone is born an individual. You should not try to be like someone else because you think that they are better looking, doing a better job, or accomplishing more in life. Everyone is unique and each person should set their own goals. If you are motivated by someone else’s goals or lack of goals, you are wasting your own time.

The second most important principle is to surround yourself with people who support and boost you during times of challenge. There are many people who will pass judgment on you based on what they hear about you. This is why it is so essential to listen carefully when conversations take place around you. You need to set an example for them so that they can set their own standards for others.

The third principle read in Start With No is to have fun. Campanale is clear that there are many ups and downs that anyone will experience during their lifetime. It is during your life that you are most likely to make your mark on the world. If you allow life to catch you by surprise, you will forever be labeled as someone who does not take life seriously. Therefore, you should be ready to make your mark even when things are going badly.

Another great principle read in Start With No by Jim Campanale is to constantly expand your comfort zone. There are so many different opportunities in the world that you could easily get lost in them. This is especially true if you are in the United States or other western countries where many of the opportunities are free or easily available. In this respect, you should never feel as if you are at a loss because you cannot apply what you know of life to the situation. You should constantly strive to learn more and expand your comfort zone to ensure that you are able to cope with new experiences in your life.

Finally, the fourth principle read in Start With No that will benefit you as a life coach is to always be seeking learning. You may be able to teach yourself many valuable lessons in life. By reading this book, you will gain access to information that you would not otherwise have learned. By listening to many of Campanale’s podcasts, you will learn a great deal about some of the aspects of life that most people take for granted. Therefore, you can provide yourself with more insight into how you can best serve and better serve others. This is one of the many benefits of this text.

Reading – Start With No by Jim Campanale