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Best of all, it’s topped off with an irresistible tangy sauce which completes this classic recipe for the ages. Best of all, preparing the meatloaf itself is relatively inexpensive as compared to other traditional ways of cooking meats. I know I used to buy ground beef, chicken, and pork from the local grocery before I came upon this great recipe. It’s made out of 10 pounds of lean beef and the number of potatoes you need depends on your preferences. In this case, I’m using two pounds each of sweet potatoes and russet potatoes. Although I’d recommend using potatoes that are smaller, such as pearl and purple, since they retain more nutrients than the larger ones.

First, you’ll need the best classic ingredients. These are proven to be effective in bringing out the true flavor and texture of the dish. Start by getting a fifteen-inch cast iron skillet. For the best classic meatloaf recipe, you want one that’s large enough for the ingredients and enough in-depth for melting the ingredients without scorching. If it’s too small, the ingredients won’t be fully absorbed by the skillet or the entire process of melting will be delayed and you will end up with an undercooked, bland product.

Next, you will need to gather together all of your ingredients. You’ll want to mix the dry ingredients (salt, pepper, oregano, onion powder, garlic powder, and salt) together in a bowl. Then, make a paste out of the ground beef and pork (or turkey if you prefer). You can make this out of either a pastry or rolled-out pastry shell. Remember to work in enough meat to completely cover the bottom of the pan.

Once this mixture is ready, you’ll want to set it aside to allow it to come up to room temperature. This will allow for the meatloaf mixture to mix properly and for it to cook evenly. Now, preheat your oven and preheat your baking sheet. Place the meatloaf on your baking sheet and allow it to cook for about one hour, or until it’s ready.

Once your meatloaf is cooked, it’s time to remove it from the oven and allow it to cool slightly. You can easily do this by putting it on a foil pan that has been dusted with flour to hold in heat. The foil will also help prevent steam from gathering in the center of the meatloaf as it cooks. After it’s cooled, wrap it in its foil wrap and refrigerate it for up to two days. To serve, allow your meatloaf to rest on its own for about an hour before baking it.

Another thing you have to watch out for is brown spots and falling apart while your meatloaf is cooking. This happens when you don’t brown the meatloaf enough. To prevent this from happening, leave the loaf pan cooking on the lower rack of your oven. This will ensure that it does not brown too much. Also, be sure to move it up through the cooking cycle after halfway through the cooking process, so that it will brown evenly.

Finally, remember that a well-made meatloaf always tastes great. You can add just about anything to it to make it more interesting, but remember that the secret to having a tasty and moist meatloaf every time is to use quality ingredients and let your own personal touch take place. These simple tips should go a long way towards ensuring that your family enjoys this warm dish every time it is served. Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter version of this hearty appetizer anymore, get creative with your own ingredients and let your personal style shine through.

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