Gardening – Sorrel: An Ancient Herb With a Modern Twist

Sorrel is an herb with a flavor all its own. It has been known for centuries as a cure for poison. The flavor of this herb is somewhat pungent and it also can be found in teas. Sorrel is a hardy plant that is grown mainly for its wonderful flavor. It also has many uses.

Sorrel is an excellent choice for your garden. It is an easy plant to grow and it can tolerate some drought conditions. It is also not affected by disease or insects.

Sorrel is a versatile plant. It can be planted in the garden, in a pot or container and it also makes a beautiful hanging plant. If you are interested in starting a bonsai garden then I highly recommend that you start a plant from seeds. It is very rewarding to grow a bonsai from seeds.

Sorrel has many uses. It is a great ornamental plant and can be used for borders, fence posts and even mulch. The flavor of the plant is also great to eat. There are many recipes where the herb is added to food. You can use it in soups, stews, and salads.

You can easily keep a plant indoors. You can place it in a glass jar with about a cup of water in it and then put it inside your house. This will give the plant a good humidity environment. It will also survive cold weather conditions in an indoor environment.

Many people love eating sorrel. It is very tasty and has a unique flavor. The flavor can be described as strong, tangy, and spicy. It has an interesting flavor and a very strong smell. It should be cooked right away because it is bitter.

Sorrel is very easy to grow. You can place the plant in many areas such as the garden, window sill, back yard, and flower bed. It will tolerate all kinds of soil conditions and will grow well in any kind of pot. It can grow up to eight feet high and four feet wide. It is not that expensive to start growing this herb at home.

Sorrel is a lovely plant. The uses and flavor it offers are very diverse. You can grow the plant in many locations and the flavor it offers is constant. There are many recipes where this herb is added to food. It should be enjoyed right away because it is bitter.

Many gardeners want to grow a garden of herbs but they do not know where to get seeds from. Well, sorrel is one of those herbs that grows really well on its own without needing additional help. If you grow the plant from seed then you will have to provide it with soil and fertilizer. Well, it is not as hard as you may think it is.

Sorrel is extremely easy to grow and it can tolerate some drought conditions. It does not need much care once it starts growing. If you are concerned about bugs then you may want to purchase some seeds that are specially labeled for controlling these insects. There are many insects out there that will kill your other plants so you do not want to take any chances.

Sorrel can also be used as a great ornamental plant. It looks wonderful planted in a corner of the yard or in any large container. You can plant it in a pot and keep it inside or you can grow it in the ground and bring it inside on sunny days. When you have a large amount of these herbs you can place them in baskets and hang them in the windowsill or even along the rail of your porch. They will look beautiful and add some color to your home.

Sorrel does not do well in very dry conditions. It can drop its leaves if it has not been getting enough water. It needs approximately 1 inch of water per week. The soil should be well-drained and not sandy. It likes acidic soil that is slightly alkaline in nature.

Sorrel is a wonderful herb to have in your home. It is easy to grow and it makes a nice decorative plant as well. These herbs are very versatile and they do well no matter what type of climatic environment they find themselves in. You can plant them in your backyard or you can purchase seeds from a local nursery to begin growing them immediately. You will have a lovely herb garden in no time.

Sorrel – a humble and valuable garden perennial