Creative Things to Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

After a huge holiday dinner, Thanksgiving leftovers are usually a bit boring. The best way to make them more appealing is to incorporate them into a creative recipe. You can turn them into mashed potatoes, turkey quesadillas, or even burritos! There are dozens of delicious options for your leftovers, and you can even repurpose some turkey. Listed below are some ideas to get you started.

Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce are all excellent ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers. If you have more than one serving of a particular dish, you can also try a savory mac and cheese, which is a perfect choice for this holiday. You can also opt for baked or stovetop white cheddar mac and cheese. If you’re unsure what to do with your turkey or cranberry sauce, you can make a tasty Thanksgiving salad.

Turkey can be made into fajitas, a lighter version of traditional Thanksgiving fare. You can also use the leftover meat to make a tasty dinner. To save money, you can reheat the leftover turkey and use the skin in a sarnie. If you don’t want to cook the whole thing again, consider using leftovers for a different meal. For example, roasted chicken or kale fajitas are great for Thanksgiving leftovers because they’re healthier than traditional Thanksgiving fare.

If you’re not a cook, you can always rely on your leftovers to make another delicious meal. In addition to roasted chicken, you can also use your leftover turkey to make a turkey casserole. A turkey casserole can be an excellent option when you’re short on time. Not only is it easy to prepare and eat, but it’s also a good way to save money on takeout.

Stuffing is a traditional Thanksgiving leftover, but if you’re looking for a more filling and nourishing dish, you can use the turkey. For a lighter version, try leftover stuffing sandwich slices. It’s a one-pot meal that can be made with leftover ham and melted cheese. If you’re looking for a more nutritious meal, you can transform your turkey into a deli slider. You can also use mashed potatoes to make breakfast waffles.

For Thanksgiving leftovers that are too hot to eat, you can turn them into tasty pies. The leftover turkey can be used to make stuffed turkey and stuffing balls. Alternatively, you can prepare a stuffed mashed potato and stuffing ball. Whether you’re hungry for a traditional Thanksgiving meal or a unique meal, use leftovers to create inventive dishes. If you’re looking for something creative, a delicious and economical recipe is a turkey and stuffing hash.

If you’ve got leftover turkey and stuffing, you can make a turkey and potato casserole. A hearty crawfish chowder can also be made with leftover cornbread. Various types of stuffed mushrooms can be served as an appetizer, or paired with fried eggs. You can also serve the leftovers as a side dish. In addition to a turkey sandwich, you can try a stuffed mushroom with a fried egg and a vegetable.

If you’ve got leftover vegetables and turkey, you can make a Thanksgiving chow mein. If you’re not a fan of chow mein, try making potato pancakes with mashed sweet potatoes. This delicious recipe is also healthy since it uses leftover vegetables. If you’re not a fan, you can make a savory potato pancake with any type of leftovers. And if you’re really hungry, you can use the turkey as a base for your favorite winter soup.

A savory Thanksgiving leftovers recipe could be a turkey chili. Instead of ground turkey, you could use shredded turkey. You can also use mashed potatoes as a base for a turkey frittata. Fried potato patties would be a delicious vegetarian meal. You can even add leftover cranberry sauce to the mashed potatoes and use them to make a vegan version. There are many ways to use the leftovers from your Thanksgiving dinner.

5 Tasty Turkey Leftover Recipe Ideas To Make the Most of Thanksgiving