Technology – Can A Hyperlink Be Added To A Denodo View Description?

In a recent meeting, we are running up against the maximum length of the view descriptions of 4,000 characters.  When someone asked the question “Can a hyperlink be added to a denodo view description?” So, I did some testing.

Denodo Virtual Data Port (VDP)

 in Denodo Virtual DataPort (VDP) and the short answer is yes.  However, there are a few caveats:

  • When you enter the hyperlink URL under Edit > Metadata > Description the URL will not look like a hyperlink. It will not turn blue, nor act like a hyper link.

VDP Appearance

Hyper Link Added To Virtual DataPort (VDP)
  • Once the denodo view has been synced to the Denodo Data Catalog, then the link will be interpreted as a hyperlink (turn blue) and function as a hyper link.
Denodo Data Catalog Description Link Synced In From Virtual DataPort (VDP)

Denodo Data Catalog

Adding a hyperlink, as expected, was really straightforward.  Just a matter of editing the view description.  After adding the hyperlink and saving the update, the URL will convert to a hyperlink, turn blue, and function.

URL Added To Denodo Data Catalog

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