Meaning of Bible Quotes – Romans 12:2 KJV

be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable

Romans 12:2 King James version

What’s the meaning of Bible quotes? This passage, from Romans 12, warns against returning to the practices and customs that Christ abolished. This passage refers to the present state of things, including both Jews and Gentiles. During Jesus’ day, these Gentile fashions and customs were as opposed to the spirit of true Christianity as they are today. It’s important for us to avoid reviving these practices and customs.

Religion should be separate from the world

In the second half of Romans 12, Paul makes the case that religion is to be kept separate from the world. This separation is to be maintained despite political sway. It is a matter of conscience and not adherence to a political system. The world does not have the authority to impose religious laws. Moreover, Christians should not submit to a government they find unfit. This is a violation of Romans 13.

Paul states that all people must submit to civil rulers, regardless of political or religious belief. This is consistent with the rest of the New Testament. While the current world powers are temporary and ultimately opposed to Christ’s rule, these are theologically legitimate. Civil rulers are legitimate because God has entrusted them with authority. As long as these civil orders do not conflict with divine orders, they should be respected.

Paul’s words in Romans 12:2 should be understood in this light. Rather than simply stating that one should not follow the patterns of the world, he embraced the historical foundation of the faith. The Bible explains this historical foundation and the need to live in accordance with it. It is not a magic pill, but a lifelong process that can only be commenced once we accept and embrace God’s will.

The end of verse 13 is a crucially important detail. It explains the meaning of the end of verse 12 and makes it clear that only those who obey the Law will be justified by God. In other words, people who observe the Law do not justify themselves by doing it. Therefore, if you obey the Law, you will be judged by the standard of the Law, not by the laws of the world.

The question of who Christians are supposed to respect and honor arises in verse seven. The Israelites had no knowledge of the Decalogue or of a divine God. Paul studied Jewish culture and oral traditions, and the passage of Leviticus 1:2-4 provides a clear synthesis of practice and faith for Romans 12:2. For this reason, the Bible teaches that religion should be separate from the world, not merged with it.

Paul’s mind-set is clearly Hebraic, and his philosophical position is understandable within the Jewish context of his time. Furthermore, Paul embraced the notion that an act of obedience activates a purification and cleansing process. Paul utilized the concept of “type and anti-type” in a philosophical way. For instance, Romans required males to place their sins on an unblemished male sacrifice.

The second part of Romans 12.2 is also related to the question of why the Bible prohibits Christians from exercising governmental power. In Romans, God has forbidden personal vengeance but has ordained civil vengeance, so a Christian may report a crime and demand vengeance. It is entirely possible that Christians could be prosecuted for a crime without seeking personal vengeance. However, Christian judges do not seek personal vengeance. They act in the interests of society.

Romans 12:2 KJV

It should not be like the world

The Bible says that Christians should not be like the world, and this is a reference to the apostle Paul. The key is to be like Jesus, and to be different from the world. We must seek to change our minds to become like God, and to do things according to the Word of God. This is a lifelong process, and it begins with repentance and a desire to become like him.

To transform our minds, we must abstain from our present time pattern, and renew our minds by the word of God. This process involves changing our thoughts and attitudes, and it impacts how we act and look. We should be transformed into the image of God and not conform to the world’s patterns. However, this transformation does not happen overnight. It takes a lifetime to see the transformation.

The word “susschematizo” is a Greek term that means to mold or form. The phrase conveys a sense of instability, and Paul is warning against it. This way of thinking will determine your life here on earth and in eternity. But we don’t have to conform to the world’s mold if we truly desire to become like Jesus. Rather, we can be changed by the Spirit.

This is another great reason to become a follower of Jesus. As a follower of Christ, we need to reject the world’s way of life. Continuing to love the world without following the ways of Christ is a recipe for disaster. If you are a Christian, you are living in a time when the world treats Christians as unworthy of following God.

The Holy Bible – Romans Chapter 12 (KJV)

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