Vertical Jigging For White Bass With Slab Spoons

Several different brands and types of slab spoons are available for vertical jigging for White Bass. The most common slab spoons are the Acme Kasmaster, Gamakatsu, Mann’s Little George, and the holographic silver variety. Using a 2oz slab spoon is effective for both white bass and Striper. Depending on the depth of the water, the angler should choose a smaller profile lure.

Acme Kasmaster spoon

Vertical jigging for white bass is an excellent technique for catching this game fish. To make fishing more effective, use a spoon with a varying retrieve. By varying the number of reel turns after snapping the bait, you can achieve distinct hopping motions and a different vibration pattern. When fishing in cold water, deadsticking the spoon to the bottom for several seconds can trigger a strike.

A treble-hooked spoon can also be modified to fit a single hook. The jigging action of a single-hooked spoon is highly visible in murky water. A smaller spoon imitates a wounded baitfish, while a large one imitates a full-sized bunker. It also has a single hook, which is nice for releasing striped bass.

When vertical jigging for white bass, you need to use a jigging spoon of the right size. The Acme Kastmaster is an excellent choice. Its slab-sided shape makes it the ideal bait to target suspended fish. A 3/4-oz. Acme Kastmaster works well for vertical jigging for white bass, which is one of the most difficult species to catch.

This jig has a unique design and a life-like body and realistic-looking eyes. It is perfect for winter fishing. Its smaller diameter provides a natural presentation and can quickly get to strike zone depths. It is paired with a spinning rod that provides enough power to set a solid hook. This gives you the ability to reel the lure fast, and the fish are bound to strike it.

Mann’s Little George

A good vertical jigging lure for white bass is a slab spoon. This lure ranges in weight from 1/16 ounces to four ounces. Slab spoons have a flat design and a fluttering action when jigged up. They can also fall back down freely without tension. The design of these lures makes them perfect for vertical jigging.

Slab spoons can be fished from a variety of depths. They are best fished in structures where bass group together. Jigging them off the bottom will help you find schools of fish that are not surface feeding. Whether you’re fishing from a boat or using a vertical jigging spoon, always keep the lure near the bottom throughout the retrieve. Using a 1/2 ounce Fle-Fly bendable minnow can be effective. Several companies produce these lures. Choose white or red, but you can get good results in either color.

White bass are native to Oklahoma, but weren’t found in such large numbers until the creation of many reservoirs in the state. Today, these fish can be found statewide. A few species of white bass have even been introduced into the state. If you plan on vertical jigging with these lures, make sure you know the temperatures of the water. Water temperatures in the region between 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit are perfect for vertical jigging.

Another great vertical jigging technique is using slab spoons. These are perfect for vertical jigging in deep water because fish concentrate in these areas. The depths they target are usually between twelve and fifty feet. If you fish from the surface, you’ll likely spook them. However, you can also try this technique from a boat.

Gamakatsu spoon

When you’re vertical jigging for white bass, you’ll most likely want a bait that sits higher in the water column than a conventional crankbait. While a 3/4oz or 1oz slab spoon will work just as well, white bass will most likely strike a smaller profile. In this case, you should drop the slab spoon to the bottom twice or three times before attempting a retrieve.

A single-hook assist hook makes this type of bait an excellent choice for freshwater fishing. This hook is coated in flexible plastisol and has a short piece of heat-shrink tubing. It is attached to the end of a vertical jigging spoon’s line tie and is designed to hook more fish than a standard treble hook.

The classic slab spoon is one of the most versatile baits available and is equally effective on striped bass, black bass, and white bass. The Gamakatsu Baby Slinger is a smaller version of the Gunslinger, but it has all of the same great qualities as the Gunslinger. The Gunslinger also features a quality Eagle Claw for a more authentic presentation.

A treble hook is another essential component of a spoon. Its shape prevents tangling when retrieved, and it reduces the risk of treble hooks fouling the line. It can also help with weedless capabilities, as a spoon often finds its way into deeper water. It is also equipped with a fizz needle to deflate a bloated swim bladder.

A jigging spoon offers spectacular opportunities to catch both white bass and stripers, because these two species are preoccupied with feeding on large schools of shad and herring. This spoon’s built-in versatility makes it a great match for most summer situations. In fact, jigging spoons are so versatile that it can work in virtually any situation.

Acme Kasmaster

When fishing for white bass, you should use a high-quality spoon made by Acme. The Acme Kasmaster spoon is a slender bait that has a unique action that will attract white bass. You can use it to vertical jig for white bass or break a fish with your lure. These spoons are available in many sizes and come in chrome, gold, and split finishes.

For vertical jigging, you can use the 1/24-ounce Acme Kasmaster slab spoons, which come in several colors. The jig’s lifelike body and realistic-looking eyes will attract scattered white bass and tempt hesitant onlookers. Because of their size and design, they are great choices for sluggish fishing and a variety of species.

To make vertical jigging easy and effective, you should have a front LCD on your TM. This will enable you to see where your lure is at all times. You can also watch the spoon’s drop from above or below the fish’s level using a decent electronic device. A simple cast of the desired length and then let the spoon pendulum fall to the bottom. As it reaches the bottom, work the spoon to get it into position and keep it in the strike zone.

As you can see, vertical jigging is an effective technique for late summer and fall bass fishing. These methods have proved to be effective in the past, and can be used for both smallmouth and largemouth. If you are using Acme Kasmaster slab spoons, you’ll be pleased with the results. You’ll be surprised by the number of white bass you catch on this technique.

Gamakatsu Drifting Slab

Drifting spoons can be used to catch large and small bass. These bass can be very large, and their appetites are varied, ranging from crayfish to small baitfish. When you use a slab spoon, you can swivel it up and down with twitches, lifts, and pauses. The fast speed of a spoon allows the fish to learn to react to different presentation styles and pauses in the spoon’s descent. A combination of different motions and patterns can also create strike hesitation.

Despite their size, these species are often suspended below the surface. They can be found both above and below the surface. But most often, the “right” fish are suspended below the surface, and the jigging spoon is the perfect lure to work in that in-between zone. In addition to being an excellent choice for jigging, a jigging spoon can be effective for working in the mid-depths.

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