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Starter guides for home cooks. Some are meant for newbies while others offer advanced recipes. This article aims to highlight a few of these online guides for beginners. It also includes affiliate links. The information in these guides may not be applicable to your circumstances, so please use caution before making a purchase. However, learning to cook can help you lead a healthier lifestyle, save money and improve your culinary skills.

Most beginners will need some help in the beginning, especially if they have no experience in cooking. They will likely need tools, appliances, and books. They should not be overwhelmed with a bunch of items. While you may need to purchase a cherry pitter or a multi-purpose pan, you don’t need to own it all! You can always buy more items later on. Listed below are some starter guides for home cooks.

Cooking - What is the Difference Between a Multicooker and a Slow Cooker

What is the Difference Between a Multicooker and a Slow Cooker?

So, what’s the difference between a multicooker and a slow cooker? Let’s start by discussing the purposes of each of these kitchen appliances. Then, we’ll look at the pros and cons of slow cookers. Despite their name, multicookers do not cook at the same speed as slow cookers. That said, the main advantage of slow cookers is that they’re easy to use and maintain. Multicooker vs slow cooker what’s the difference? While slow cookers and multicookers are similar, they have several key differences. Multicookers use one heating element on the bottom while slow cookers use a band around the sides.

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Tips For Meal Preparation

The following are some tips for meal prep that can help you save time. You can start by identifying the foods that take the most time to prepare. These include meat, beans, and quinoa. Depending on your preference, you can also prepare other types of meals quickly, such as a quick salad or marinade for your meat. By using these tips, meal prep can be as easy as chopping, washing, and marinating. Setting a theme If you’re new to meal prep, consider setting a theme. This will help you organize your food and make meal planning easier. For example, if

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A Home Cooks Coffee Cake Primer

What is a coffee cake? North American Coffee Cake is an informal, everyday cake meant to be served with coffee and frequently eaten as breakfast, dessert, or a snack. A Coffee Cake Is Functional simplicity Generally, a coffee cake: Is a single layer cake, May, or may not, have a topping, such as a streusel, crumb, or butter icing May come in any shape; square, loaf, round, bundt, etc., And may include cinnamon, jam, nuts, and/or fruit. Where did Coffee cake come from? Coffee Cake evolved from different types of cakes in mainland Europe and later immigrated to the united

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A Home Cook’s Slow Cooker Primer

A Brief History of the Crockpot/Slow Cooker During the depression of 1936, Irving Nachumsohn Naxon, who was born in New Jersey in 1902, invented the Crock-pot, or the Naxon Beanery, as it was then referred to. The inspiration for the Crockpot stems from stories Naxon’s mother told him of her life in a small Lithuanian village. With the coming of Sabbath, Jewish women would fill their cooking pots each Friday evening with meat, potatoes, beans, and vegetables and carry them to the bakery. After the baker’s ovens were turned off to honor the Sabbath, the pots would be placed in

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A Home Cook’s Smoothie Primer

Smoothies have been around for a long time and are an excellent way of working in some low-effort, health food into your diet.  The term smoothie came out of the 1970s but some form of the drink has been around since about the time that blenders became commercially available in the 1930s. Smoothie Basics All you really need to get started is a good blender, some fruit, and berries (fresh or frozen), vegetables, ice, fruit or berry juice and, usually, some dairy product or a dairy substitute.   Smoothies As Time Savers Smoothies can be a very quick, easy, and

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A Home Cooks American Pies Primer

All across America, we still love pie. In fact, every state has a pie that the locals resonate with. Your favorite pies might just be from other states, or yours could be the one from your home state.

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