Cooking – Fall Smoothie Ideas

Fall Smoothie Ideas can be incorporated into any recipe to make it more interesting. The best part is you can use your imagination and experiment with some wonderful combinations that are healthy, delicious, and easy to make. This year I have decided to try a couple of these ideas and I am excited to share them with you. Here are the Fall Smoothie Recipes I’ve chosen:

Cranberry, Apple & Pear Smoothie – I love smoothies made with cranberry, apple, and pear. The apples are a great source of Vitamin C which is great in cold weather. The cranberry adds a sweet tartness to the fruit and balances everything out. The Pear has a slight tartness as well. This recipe works great as a snack or for a full meal. It also freezes well so you can make several servings at a time.

Oatmeal and banana Smoothie – This breakfast smoothie uses an incredible combination. You can add just about anything to the oatmeal and you will have a nutritious breakfast that your whole family will love. You will need to add your favorite fruit or yogurt to the blender along with the rest of the ingredients. Then you just heat up the yogurt and mix all of your ingredients together until it becomes a smooth paste that you can spoon into your mixing bowl.

Apple, Almond Milk, and banana – For this Healthy Apple and Almond Milk Smoothie, I substitute half of the apple juice with non-fat, organic almond milk. If you don’t like bananas, use whatever you like. I find the taste to be quite enjoyable. You can also choose to serve this as a side dish instead of using the blender.

Ginger Pear Smoothie – This ginger pear smoothie is perfect for when you are trying to lose weight or have extra energy throughout the day. You will combine your favorite summer fruit, fresh ginger, and a little raw milk to make this delicious healthy smoothie. You will then add a banana and granola to the mixture and place in the freezer so that it is cold when you start preparing. The ginger will give you a natural boost of energy.

Goat Cheese Smoothie – For this healthy, low fat, and tasty recipe, you will combine your favorite healthy ingredient, low-fat milk, fresh goat cheese, and a small amount of green tea or lemon tea to generate some serious health benefits. First, you will not believe how much flavor and nutrition you get from this cheese and milk combination. Next, it is a great way to get some extra Vitamin C, which is good for your skin. Lastly, goat cheese gives you the good bacteria needed to combat bad digestion. This will help you break down fatty acids so that they do not build up in your tummy, which promotes a flatter, firmer body.

Total Time: 30 mins

To make the total time of this healthy breakfast smoothie, you will simply combine the ingredients and blend them together until smooth. If you would like to add any sort of sweeteners, such as honey or granola, they will be added at the end to help enhance the taste and texture. Then you will heat up the orange juice, add the yogurt and let the mixture cool down so that you can drink it within the next ten minutes. In only 10 minutes, you will have one nutritious breakfast for your day.

Let’s talk about g fat and g protein. The key to making a delicious and nutritious smoothie is by using high-quality natural sweeteners, which will provide you with the nutritional per serving you need without the calories. Here are a few to try: agave nectar, maple syrup, raw honey, and acai berry. By using high-quality natural sweeteners, you are increasing the amount of calories you are taking in while still enjoying a delicious and flavor-rich smoothie.

If you want to eat delicious and nutritious foods throughout the day, but you don’t have the time to prepare them, you should consider using an energy boost smoothie recipe. They give you a delicious meal and all the nutrients you need in one delicious drink. They can be made in less than 4 hours from start to finish, which means you can have a delicious meal, which you can drink on the go or at your leisure. You can also make them in advance and store them so that when you are ready for them you have already had time to prepare and enjoy them.

Last, but not least, if you want to save time and money at the end of the day, and you want a delicious and nutritional boost as well. You should consider using a banana. Bananas are very high in potassium and this will help to replace the salt and the moisture loss from your food, which can leave you hungrier and more tired at the end of the day. You can easily add a banana into your smoothie or you can just use it in the blender to give you that boost in the afternoon. There are many banana recipes available online.

7 Easy Make-Ahead Smoothies For Fall 

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Cooking – How to Make an Apple Smoothie

A great way to start off your day is with an apple smoothie. This quick and healthy drink can be made in minutes and tastes much better than any other option. There are a number of different smoothie recipe variations you can use, however, the most popular ones seem to involve blended apples and some form of thick milk or yogurt. The instructions below are designed to make this tasty smoothie.

The first thing you will need to do is get a blender. One that is strong enough to cut through the thick liquid. You can find blenders in a variety of price ranges. It would be advisable to look for a solid blender that has high ratings in customer reviews.

Once you have your blender, you will need to gather up your fruit. You will want to add at least four large apples, along with one to two servings of low-fat yogurt. If you are making the smoothie a week in advance, you will want to add at least four fresh apples.

Blend all of your ingredients until smooth. You may need to add water or yogurt to help the smoothie along. You will have to give it time to blend well. When blending time comes, add in your extra water or yogurt.

Once the mixture is blended, it will be time to add the yogurt. It is recommended you use whole non-fat yogurt, as opposed to replacing it with a low-fat version. Choose a plain flavor. Low-fat yogurt may be bland and will not provide the same beneficial nutrients as a non-fat version. If using yogurt, add at the rate of about a tablespoon for every four cups of liquid.

Bring the blended apples to a gentle boil and add the yogurt at the same time. Once the yogurt and apples are combined, add the rest of the ingredients and blend until completely smooth. You can add any fruit that you have chosen, though cherries are recommended. You can also add any flavors you would like, though vanilla is a favorite. Stir in any nuts you prefer, such as peanuts or cashews. Drink the entire smoothie, or divide it into glasses and add a bit of ice.

An easy way to know when your apples are cooked to their maximum potential is to look at the exterior. When an apple appears shriveled, overcooked, or crisp from the outside, they are ready to be served. How to make an apple smoothie doesn’t have to be difficult. By choosing the right fruits, blending them properly, and using low-fat or fat-free yogurt, the result is a delicious drink that is both healthy and delicious. You will be able to make this drink over again, so it is worth the effort.

To ensure your smoothie tastes the way you desire, add a small amount of sugar if necessary. If you wish, you may even include flavors other than apple, such as ginger, orange, cinnamon, or lemon. Whichever you choose, the important thing is that you have a delicious new drink that you will love to drink all day long.

The first step is to prepare all of your fruit. Choose the fruit that you would like to include in your smoothie. This is going to be the focus of the recipe, and you can use any fruits that you would like. Bananas, strawberries, watermelon, and even orange are all possibilities. You will also need some yogurt, a banana, and vanilla extract, which you will also add to the smoothie.

Next, you will need to blend all of your ingredients. Add your yogurt to the bottom of a mixing bowl, and then add your fruit. Stir the mixture until the yogurt is completely blended. Now it’s time to add the rest of the ingredients to your smoothie, and everything should be mixed thoroughly until you have a smooth consistency.

Once the mixture is smooth and creamy, it is time to add the rest of the things you want to have in your smoothie. You will need a milk carton, and some protein powder, either soy or regular. You can also choose to add an apple twist if you are being fancy. I generally add them at this point, but you can add as you go if you are in a rush or you want more variety.

That’s all there is to making an apple smoothie! It is delicious, and very nutritious as well! Enjoy!

Cooking – How to Make an Apple Smoothie

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Cooking – How To Make A Pear Smoothie

When it comes to delicious, nutritious, and healthy Indian recipes, nothing beats a fresh, ripe pear. The rich flavor of this tropical fruit pairs perfectly with a wide range of different recipes, from starters to main courses and everything in between. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet, consider incorporating pear fruit into your daily meals. Not only can you get the healthy benefits of Vitamin C, but you’ll also discover the sweet, unique taste that only an Indian meal has. Here are five tips for making sure your next meal is delicious and healthy too!

How To Make Pear Smoothie – Five Steps To A delicious, healthy drink Every single Indian recipe starts the same: dry fruits, milk, yogurt, and pear fruit or dried fruits. Although pear fruit doesn’t always come on the side of an ingredient list, it’s generally found in every other recipe. If you’re not sure how to make a smoothie, however, you can still practice and try out different types of recipes. Dry fruits like dates, cashews, peanuts, mangoes, and others can be used as a base, but pear fruit remains the best. It contains healthy vitamins and acids that make it a great base for many kinds of recipes.

How To Make Pear Smoothie – Making a lassi Another delicious Indian recipe often overlooked by non-Indian foodies is the lassi (which we’ll call a “dry sherry cheese drink”). A lassi is made with fresh or canned sherry (we prefer cashew), yogurt, strained nonfat yogurt, and fresh lime juice. There are no dairy products in the mix, so you won’t get any dairy-like symptoms when drinking this healthy drink. You’ll be enjoying it on a daily basis, so it doesn’t make much sense not to make a version of it with a pear-shaped smoothie!

How To Make Pear Smoothie – Using frozen fruits Instead of making a “mango pear smoothie”, which is often too hard for even the most seasoned blender, many people prefer to turn to freeze dried fruits for their dessert. Freeze dried fruit comes in many varieties, from pineapples to bananas to kiwi. If you want to make a traditional “mango pear smoothie” at home, try blending three-eighths of a cup of mangoes, and then putting them into a freezer for at least five hours before blending. When you’re ready to drink the resulting juice, add some ice and some fresh lemon or lime juice, depending on the taste.

How To Make Pear Smoothie – Dipping Strawberries In Water The classic dessert staple of the South is watermelon – but did you know that you can also enjoy eating them as smoothies? Simply buy watermelon wedges from your local store and then slice them in half, adding some sliced strawberries to the center. If you do not have any strawberries, try agave nectar instead.

How To Make Pear Smoothie – Adding A Strawberries You might think it takes more work to add a strawberry to your smoothie, but in actuality it’s just a matter of using an old blender bottle instead of a fresh one. You’ll need about four cups of either fresh or frozen strawberries, depending on whether or not you choose to add a second fruit. Add them to a blender, along with a few drops of green tea. Start blending until the strawberry chunks have broken down into small pieces. If desired consistency is important, add in more green tea or other herbal extract, to achieve the desired smoothie consistency.

How To Make Pear Smoothie – Using A Juicer Fresh fruit are very high in nutrients, so using them in a smoothie will provide the body building vitamins your skin needs to be healthy. Instead of using a blender, use a juicer to cut down on the amount of ingredients in your smoothie. This allows you to add in more ingredients which are healthier for you.

How To Make Pear Smoothie – Tips For Making Your Smoothie delicious and full of nutrition, you may want to consider making your smoothie the night before. This allows for extra time to add all of the necessary ingredients and let the smoothie cool down, so you can drink it within the next day. However, if you feel like your smoothie is too rich, drink it the next morning instead. It should still be a great tasting beverage, just that a little bit of adjustment on your part may be necessary! Try out some new ideas to improve your smoothie if it doesn’t taste quite right.

Pear Smoothie Ingredients

  • 1 small ripe pear
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon cardamom
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup ice

Pear Smoothie Preparation Directions

  • Wash, remove stem, and remove seeds from pear
  • Combine all smoothie ingredients in a blender and blend until desired smoothness is achieved.

Serving Size

  • The ingredients above are enough for a single smoothie.
Breakfast Pear Smoothie Recipe

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Cooking – Simple Lasagna for Two

Love lasagna but dread leftovers? Forget the leftovers. Just cook Lasagna for two. Cooked in a bread loaf pan.  This easy dinner is a healthy, low fat, low sodium, delicious meal that makes just two slices. You can eat the other half for breakfast or dessert.

Even if you’ve never cooked pasta before, this dish will ease the work of your noodles. Using a pasta roller, press the dough into noodles and turn them over so that they are flat and then cut the noodles into two pieces. Keep one piece of noodle on the lower part and use a fork to turn the second piece over so that it is now turned up at the top. Cut off the excess uncooked pasta at the bottom. Adding the sauce and cheese will dissolve the noodles and create a smooth, creamy sauce.

Bring the two noodle pieces back to the original temperature by placing the upper piece of noodles on a pot of boiling water. Allow them to get as hot as they can stand. When they are ready, place them onto a non-stick pan or baking sheet and place them into the oven directly on the hot baking sheets. Make sure that they are completely dry before removing them from the pan or baking sheet. Turn the heat down to low and let the Lasagna simmer for approximately twenty minutes to finish cooking the noodles.

This dish is also great with traditional noodles such as linguine and spiral noodles. While this may take more time than cooking traditional noodles, it is still faster and less messy. Cook the meat and vegetables using medium heat. It will be easier to avoid burning the spices if you cook the meat and vegetables using medium heat.

Once the meat and vegetables are cooked, it is advisable to add the dry noodles to the boiling water to start cooking them. Once they are fully cooked, it is important to place them in the loaf pan. Cover the loaf pan with foil and allow the Lasagna to cook undisturbed for approximately twenty minutes. If the Lasagna seems to be drying out during the cooking process, you can add one more layer of foil and bake the final layer of noodles for another five minutes. Once the noodles are done, remove the foil and fluff up the top layer of Lasagna.

Once the top layer of noodles is finished cooking, place the bottom layer of noodles on the dried-out ingredients. If possible, cover the entire bowl with a thin piece of aluminum foil. Cook the noodles until they are al dente. Make sure to mix the ingredients well. Once the noodles are fully cooked, place them on a piece of parchment paper. Fold the piece of paper over the bottom of the Lasagna to seal in the juices and flavors.

After the first layer is finished cooking, remove the pot from the heat source and add the second layer of noodles. You may need to add an additional five minutes to ensure that the moisture in the bottom is adequately driven upward into the sauce. Continue the cooking process with the second layer of noodles until you reach the desired thickness. At this point, you will want to place the finished Lasagna for Two into the oven. While the noodles are cooking, carefully add the last layer of dry pasta and cover until the sauce is completely cooked through.

When the Lasagna for Two has finished cooking, peel off the aluminum foil covering and allow the Lasagna to cool a little. To serve the delicious Lasagna for Two, add a generous helping of cheese and any other garnishes you wish.

Lasagna for Two

Cook – How to Make A Microwave Mug Cake

How to Make Microwave Mug Cake is one of the newest, easiest, and most delicious ways to enjoy delicious hot chocolate and coffee without having to wait on a stove or on a countertop. A microwave mug cake is literally a cake that bakes in your microwave oven. So it’s easy to create and easy to clean up, plus it’s even easier to prepare and easier to bake in general! And no, you don’t even need a really fancy microwave. It usually takes about ten minutes just to prepare and only a minute to bake.

This super moist, delicious recipe is almost a miracle food. The secret is the flour. Flour is what gives this mug cake its super moist flavor. And luckily, all you really have to do to get it just right is mix the flour, sugar, and baking powder together until it forms a paste-like substance.

Another secret is to use a microwave-safe bowl. This way, you can mix the batter without having to use a wooden spoon. Mix it slowly, using your hands till it reaches about 45 seconds, then turn the mixer on high and cook it for the remaining two minutes. This way, you ensure that your microwave-safe mug cakes cook fast and evenly.

If you want to add extra moistness to your cake, you can use shortening or butter. Start with about one tablespoon of each and mix with the dry ingredients. Don’t forget to stir well! Once everything is mixed well, fold in half and pop into your microwave oven. Once your 1-minute mug cakes are fully cooked, they’ll be delicious and absolutely steamy!

How to Make Microwave Mug Cake freezes well for up to three weeks. You can store them in an airtight container in the freezer and thaw whenever you like. It’s always good to keep them in the refrigerator because sometimes they get too hot from the freezer and won’t cook evenly. Some people even like to take them out of the freezer and cook them straight from the stove. It depends on your tastes!

If you don’t feel up to writing down your recipe, here’s a tip that I’ll share with you: when you want to know how to make 1 minute 40 seconds microwave cakes, write it down on a piece of paper or card. Have a pen and paper ready. Then once you’re at the store or online, look up microwave oven recipes. That way, when you’re in the store and looking for your favorite mug cake recipe, all you have to do is turn on the oven, pick up your recipe, and search for microwave oven recipes.

Let the batter warm-up for about ten minutes before you mix it together. You need to make sure it’s thoroughly mixed by spooning it into your measuring cup. After that, you can pour it into your microwave, set the timer, and repeat the process until your mug cake is fully cooked. To test if the cake is fully cooked, simply take it out of the oven and check if the center comes out with a bit of an air bubble. If it does, that means your batter was cooked just right.

If you’ve never tried a recipe for a 1 minute 40 seconds microwave mug cake before, I recommend giving it a shot. You might be surprised at how much this little recipe can change your life!

Microwave Mug Cake

Recipe – Classic Blueberry Cobbler For Two

Does baking blueberry cobbler from scratch sound too difficult? Well, forget all those years of wanting a taste of summer because you can make this classic dessert right in your microwave. This classic blueberry cobbler recipe is easy to put together, and all the ingredients are simple and convenient to keep on hand.

Basic Recipe Information

  • Approximate prep time: 20 minutes
  • Approximate Cooking time: 10 minutes for each serving
  • Servings: three medium-sized servings

Required Equipment

  • Measuring cups and spoons for ingredients
  • Mixing bowls: two narrow ones, one wide one with a flat bottom that fits inside the casserole dish paper towel
  • Wooden spoon for mixing batter
  • A cutting board or tray to make a work surface on which to peel and cut the blueberries
  • Paper towel
  • Wire cooling rack into which the casserole dish with the unbaked cobbler can be gently placed once after it comes out of the oven so that air can circulate freely around it. Don’t skip this step!


Filling Ingredients:

  • 6 cups of blueberries of your choice, fresh or frozen, works well in this recipe. If you use frozen berries, just thaw them out before using them for easier preparation.
  • 1/3 cup sugar

Topping Ingredients:

  • ·2 tablespoons flour, all-purpose white is best if you want to achieve the perfect texture for this cobbler topping (you can substitute whole wheat or cornstarch mix if desired, but remember that it will affect the flavor of the cobbler)
  • ·2 tablespoons of brown sugar to top off each serving

Preparation Directions

  • Set your microwave oven to high power and take out a small bowl. Put in 1/3 cup sugar and 2 tablespoons flour, mix it up well until all the ingredients are incorporated evenly. Once mixed, break apart any lumps and clumps.
  • Add the blueberries (that you’ve already peeled and sliced) to your bowl, then using the wooden spoon, stir everything together until it’s all coated evenly with the flour/sugar mixture. Pour the mixture into the other bowl and place a paper towel underneath this bowl that you’re going to microwave this in; that will help absorb any excess liquid from the berries and keep things clean when you serve them.
  • Microwave the bowl for 3 minutes, then stir everything together again. If there’s still too much liquid at this point, give it another 30-60 seconds. The berries will be very hot when you take them out to mix and try to avoid burning yourself; set a timer to know exactly how much time has passed in between microwave phases.
  • When everything is thick and ready, divide the blueberry mixture into three equal portions on each plate, and top with a tablespoon’s worth of brown sugar (depending on your system for portion control).

How To Serve/Plate And Garnish

  • The best way to serve a classic blueberry cobbler is warm, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you have fresh whipped cream, or homemade sweetened whipped cream available, it will take your classic American dessert to another level. Of course, the star ingredient here is the ripe, juicy blueberries that turn into almost liquid when cooked with the biscuit dough.

Recipe – Cacio e Pepe

Lookup a combination of the words Cacio e Pepe or cheese and pepper, and you’re guaranteed to be delightfully surprised by your discovery. Cacio e Pepe is a beloved meatless recipe in Rome, one that earned its place as 2016’s trendiest past dish in New York’s dining scene. This recipe both feels new and familiar while being easy to prepare and difficult to forget.


Only a handful of the most basic store cupboard ingredients are listed on the original Italian recipe, which only adds to the savory simplicity. It takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, and it typically serves 2.

  • A dash (1/8 teaspoon) of salt;
  • 3 ounces (220g) of long pasta (like tonnarelli,tagliolini, bucatini, or spaghetti)  
  • 1 cup of olive oil (optional);
  • 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter (be it cubed or divided);
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly cracked black pepper;
  • A third of a cup of finely grated Grana Padano or Parmesan Cheese
  • One whole cup of finely grated Pecorino.

Preparation Directions

  • First, Bring 3 quarts of water with a dash of salt to a boil in a 5-quart pot
  • Add pasta to boiling water, occasionally stirring, wait for two minutes.
  • While the pasta water boils, melt the two tablespoons of butter in a large, heavy skillet over medium heat. Sprinkle the pepper on top and cook for about a minute, until toasted;
  • Drain the pasta and leave the cooking water on the side;
  • Add half a cup of pasta water to the skillet, then bring it to a simmer.
  • Add in the pasta and the rest of the butter.
  • Reduce heat to low and add the cheese.
  • Keep stirring and tossing until the cheese has melted;
  • Remove the skillet from heat
  • Add the ground black pepper and cheese
  • Toss until well incorporated into the pasta.
  • Transfer the pasta to serving bowls.
  • Garnish with a little amount of additional cheese and black pepper (don’t overdo the pepper).

Your Cacio e Pepe is ready to serve; Enjoy.

Cooking – How To Make Small Cake With Half A Box Cake Mix

Whether you are interested in baking a smaller cake or just hate ending up with lots of leftovers, making half a cake mix is an excellent solution. But how to make half a box cake mix?

In some circumstances, you do not need a whole box of cake mix. Instead, you can simply use half of the box of cake mix to make a smaller one and save the other half for some another time.

Standard cake mix can be too big for a small group of people and can leave you with lots of leftover cake, especially if you are preparing it for only one or two people. So to avoid cake wasting, you can make a small cake.

Basic Recipe Information


  • American


  • Dessert

Approximate Prep Time:

  • 10 minutes

Approximate Cooking Time:

  • 30 minutes

Total time:

  • 40 minutes


  • Four,  4 inch cake servings

Required equipment

  • Cake pan (8 round or square)
  • Mixer


  • 1/2 cups cake mix (half of an 18 or 15.25-ounce box)
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons oil

Preparation Directions

  • Prepare the ingredients and equipment.
  • Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 350 F. Spray your eight-inch cake pan with any nonstick baking spray.
  • Put all ingredients in a medium mixing bowl. Mix at slow to medium speed until thoroughly combined.
  • Pour the mixture into the pan.
  • Bake for 30 -35 minutes. You can see if it is baked by inserting a toothpick into the cake center. If it comes out clean, it’s baked. The cake should also be moving away from the pan sides.
  • Let the cake cool on a rack, then sprinkle powdered sugar all over it.

Cook’s Tips

Tip #1:

Let’s make one thing crystal clear. The results can vary slightly depending on the type of cake mix. So it is not a bad idea to check the cake to see how it actually turns out.

Along with that, the baking time will also depend on your oven. Checking for doneness always require attention rather than relying on a timer.

Tip #2:

The cake mix’s unused part should be kept in a ziplock bag to keep it fresh for the next use. It is a good idea to mark a date on the cake mix box as a reminder when you did open it.

Try to use it within the next couple of weeks. Even if the smallest amount of air gets into it, the packaging will start degrading the ingredients, which is the main culprit for cake not rising as much as you would like.


You might find it useful to adjust the amount of oil, milk, or water added next time you use the half box of cake mix to make your half cake per your taste.

Recipe – Beef Pot Pie For Two

Hearty, rich, comforting, and generously-filled. This recipe for beet pot pie serves two (or just you, your call), and beet pot pies make for an excellent excuse to have that long-awaited romantic dinner or catching up with a friend or family member.

Basic Information.

  • Avg. Prep. Time: 50 minutes
  • Avg. Cooking Time: 50 minutes
  • Avg. Total Time: 100 minutes (1 hour 40 minutes)
  • Serving Size: 2 individual servings
  • Diet-friendly with: Less strict forms of Paleo, Keto, and Candida
  • No-not for: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free


  • Frozen Puff Pastry – 1 sheet (thawed according to package)
  • Onion – 1/2 (small and diced)
  • Red potatoes – 2 (small, cubed, and unpeeled)
  • Olive oil – 1 tablespoon
  • Beef stew meat – 1/2 lb. (cubed)
  • Salt – 1 pinch
  • Ground black pepper – 1 pinch
  • Mushrooms – 1/4 cup (chopped)
  • Garlic – 1 teaspoon (minced)
  • Thyme leaves – at own preference (dried)
  • Beef broth – 1 1/3 cups (unsalted)
  • Worcestershire sauce – 1 tablespoon
  • Cornstarch – 1/8 cup
  • Water – 1/4 cup (cold)
  • Frozen peas and carrots – 1/2 cup (non-thawed)
  • Parsley – 1/8 cup (fresh and minced)
  • Egg – 1 (small)
  • Water – 2 teaspoons



  • Heat half the olive oil in a medium-sized saucepan at medium heat, add the meat and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Stir occasionally and remove to a separate plate when browned.
  • Add the rest of the olive oil to cook the mushrooms. Stir and mix with the garlic, thyme, beef broth, and Worcestershire sauce.
  • Put the potatoes, onions, and cooked meat back into the saucepan. Boil it, then simmer it (for roughly 15 minutes). You want the potatoes cooked and the meat tender.
  • Separately, whisk the cornstarch with cold water, add it to the stew and thicken it (for about 2 minutes).
  • Finally, take it away from the heat, add the parsley and the peas and carrots mix and sprinkle with a bit of salt. Now, preheat the oven to 400F (200C).

2-Puff Pastry Tops:

  • Cut the puff pastry in circles to cover the pot pies. You can use an upside-down bowl or a cutter if you prefer.
  • With the leftover dough, you can create small shapes to garnish them.

3-Pot Pie Assembly:

  • On a foil-lined baking sheet, spray the bowls with non-stick spray.
  • Pour the stew into the bowls and place the puff pastry tops to cover them. Gently stretch them and press them until you can tuck in the edges.
  • Whisk the egg with just a bit of water, and brush it onto the puff pastry tops. If you made some shapes, place them on top, as well.
  • Bake for about 25 minutes. You want the crust golden and the filling bubbly.
  • Serve and enjoy!

Extra Tips.

  • For this recipe, we used frozen puff pastry for its texture and smoothness. However, you can make your own dough to craft a personal signature on this delicious dish.
  • For extra juiciness, don’t forget to keep the peas and carrots mix frozen until the last minute.
  • Before serving, for a bit of extra thickness, allow the pot pies to rest for about 10 minutes.
  • Oh, and finally. Pot pies are incredibly versatile, just like omelets or even souffles. Feel free to find other variations of seasoning and fillings to craft a recipe you can call your own.

Recipe – Sweet Potato Souffle For Two

Now that fall is here and the weather is gettong  cool, its time to start baking in earnest and perhaps practice and perhaps added this recipe to your list of holiday favorites.  


  • 1 (12 ounces) (340.19g) sweet potato, peeled and cubed
  • 1 tablespoon (14.79 ml) unsalted butter
  • 1 teaspoon (4.92 ml) lemon juice
  • 1⁄2 cup (118.29 ml) whole milk
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon (2.46 ml) salt (optional)
  • 1⁄4 cup miniature marshmallows (optional)
  • 1⁄8 teaspoon (0.61 ml) ground nutmeg
  • 2 large or jumbo eggs, separated
  • 4 teaspoons (19.71 ml) all-purpose flour
  • 4 teaspoons (19.71 ml) sugar, divided

Preparation Directions

  • Preheat oven to 350°F/177°C
  • Grease two 2-cup souffle dishes, custard cups, or ramekins and sprinkle each with 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar; set aside.
  • Place the sweet potato in a saucepan and cover with water.
  • Cover the saucepan with a lid and cook until tender, about 10-15 minutes, and drain well.
  • Mash lemon juice, salt, and nutmeg into the sweet potatoes. You should have about 1 cup mashed sweet potatoes.
  • Set aside to cool.
  • In a second saucepan, melt butter; stir in flour and 3 teaspoons sugar until smooth.
  • Gradually add whole milk; cook and stir until thickened and bubbly.
  • Remove from the heat.
  • In a small mixing bowl, beat egg yolks and combine with mashed potato and milk mixture.
  • In another bowl, beat egg whites until stiff peaks can be formed; gently fold the beat egg whites into potato mixture.
  • (optional) Divide and spoon into prepared dishes; top with marshmallows.
  • Bake the Sweet Potato Souffles, uncovered for 35-38 minutes or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.
  • Serve hot and immediately.


  • This recipe makes two individual servings