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Gardening - How To Use Cardboard As Mulch In Your Garden

How To Use Cardboard As Mulch In Your Garden

You may wonder how to use cardboard as mulch in your garden, especially if you’ve never tried it before. There are a few ways to do this, including using a box cloche, Box mulching, or Sheet mulching. If you use cardboard, make sure to spread it evenly in layers of at least two inches. Alternate one-inch layers of manure and organic matter, and then apply a final layer of mulch to the cardboard. This protective mulch will keep your cardboard from drying out too much. Corrugated cardboard Many gardeners and landscapers are searching for eco-friendly, cheap weed control methods. Weeds

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Homemaking – What Is Upcycling?

What is Upcycling or creative reuse? By definition, recycling is the process of recycling different items so that they are used again. Recycling can be done both on a commercial level by reclaiming waste from landfills and in a small way at home with household items and recycling your old washing machine and dishwasher. What is Upcycling? It’s a process that uses these items to create new items. This process is both good for the environment and for you as you will soon see. One of the main benefits of recycling is that it helps to reduce the amount of

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Backyard Composting To Make Free Soil

The process of composting is a great way to recycle and reuse food and yard waste. Using aerobic organisms such as worms and bacteria, you can compost anything from leaves, yard clippings, and coffee grounds. Depending on the type of compost, this process may take anywhere from three to twelve months. The end product is humic-like compost, which is a valuable natural resource for the environment. In addition to using organic materials, composting creates a variety of other products, including heat, CO2, and water vapor. The process of composting is beneficial for human health and the economy. It helps reduce

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Recycle and Repurposing in the Vegetable Garden

In these times of environmental sensitivity and focus on being earth-friendly, being green is everywhere is news and television programming.  While I’m no green fanatic, I have found that being green friendly and organic sort of goes with being a gardener.  Additionally, most of us, rarely, have tons of money to throw at our gardens and recycling and repurposing seems a logical derive some extra value from our garden and our purchases. Gardening is very amenable to getting a little extra value from those things that might otherwise be thrown away. Recycle and repurpose materials from your kitchen and garden. If you

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Can Cardboard be Use as Liner for a Raised Garden Bed

You may be wondering, “Can Cardboard be used as a Raised Garden Bed liner?” There are many options for you to choose from: corrugated cardboard, hardware cloth, and landscape fabric. It all depends on your preferences and budget.

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