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The most important thing to understand about Soil versus Fertilizer vs compost is how they differ. Fertilizer is made up of chemicals and can have negative effects on the environment. The chemicals in fertilizers can seep into underground water reserves and run off into nearby bodies of water. Excess nitrogen from fertilizers can also cause algae to grow, which depletes fish and other animals of oxygen. Soil is a natural organic compound that helps plants and vegetables grow.

Gardening - Autumn Yard Care Tips

Autumn Yard Care Tips

Autumn yard care is an important part of maintaining a yard. It’s the perfect time to fertilize, control weeds, and generally improve the overall appearance of your yard. The following are some tips for autumn yard care. You can also read our article on how to winterize garden hoses and faucets. Prune Plants in Fall Pruning is a very important part of yard care. Proper pruning will help your plants to grow stronger and healthier. However, it is best not to do it in the fall. If you must prune your plants in the fall, you should wait until the

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Topsoil Care Tips For Your vegetable garden

When choosing a soil for your garden, you’ll want to consider its structure, whether it crumbles easily or clings to plant roots. It should also have visible clumps and pieces of soil, and plenty of organic matter that has decayed into the soil. A good soil is workable, crumbling easily when pressed. Too-wet soil is sticky and unsuitable for digging, and can do a lot of damage. Test your soil To test your garden soil, you need to dig a few inches down into the surface of the ground. If you’re using a soil test kit, you can obtain a

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Sources of Free Mulch

There are many sources of free mulch that you can find in your neighborhood. Many companies will pay you to dump their chippings, but remember that they are also dumping employee time and gas. Free mulch sources you can find near you include grass clippings and newspaper. Remember to save grass clippings at least a few months before you use them to avoid burning plants. Fresh grass is high in nitrogen and can damage plants. If you’re wondering where you can find free mulch, read on to learn where to find it! Backyard leaves If you live in an area

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The Benefits of Using Mulch in the Vegetable Garden

The benefits of mulch in the vegetable garden go far beyond appearance, however. In fact, university field tests have shown that mulch can increase yields by as much as 30%. This is significant, considering the fact that vegetable plants cannot tolerate dry conditions and high temperatures. If you’re wondering what benefits mulch brings to your garden, read on for more information. This article will cover some of the main benefits of vegetable garden mulch and what makes a good biodegradable garden mulch. What Is vegetable garden mulch? Regardless of whether you’re planting in sandy soil or clay, you can add

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Gardening – Uses For Banana Peels In The Garden

When it comes to composting, you can use banana peels in a variety of ways. They are biodegradable and can be thrown into your compost pile as mulch. Just make sure you use them chopped or soaked as a semi-solid slurry. Do not leave them whole because they attract skunks and raccoons. In addition to being an excellent plant food, banana peels are a great attractant to butterflies, bees, wasps, and caterpillars. Fermented banana peel water reduces insects The benefits of fermented banana peel water are numerous. Not only does it promote the growth of healthy roots, but it also

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Gardening – How To Create A No Dig Garden

No-dig gardens are a great way to minimize weeding and save time. These gardens are typically raised about 13 to 15 inches above the ground, and they do not require a bottom. No-dig gardens are not suitable for stepping on, because your step will disturb the layers and compress the ecosystem. Instead, use wooden edging or plastic mulch to contain your materials. If you have a shallow bed, it is okay to use plastic mulch as the bottom, as long as you are not stepping on the soil. No-dig gardening minimizes weeding No-dig gardening focuses on building soil fertility and

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