Denodo – Script To Alter Association Metadata Description

Script To Alter Association Metadata Descriptions

Here is a Denodo Virtual Query Language (VQL) code snippet, which I use to populate the metadata description of Denodo Associations in Virtual DataPort (VDP).  This snippet identifies Denodo Association without a Metadata Description and fills Metadata Description with a simple explanation of what the Denodo Association’s purpose.

VQL To Generate Association Alter Statements Description Update

select ‘ALTER ASSOCIATION’||’ ‘|| association_name || ‘ ‘||’DESCRIPTION =’|| ””|| ‘Performance association between’ ||’ ‘ || left_view_name || ‘ ‘|| ‘and’ ||’ ‘|| right_view_name ||””||’;’


WHERE input_database_name = ‘<<Database_Name>>’

AND input_type = ‘views’

AND len(trim(association_description)) <1

Add a View Name

Add this line to generate the association’s description updates for a specific view:

AND left_view_name = ‘<<View_Name>>

Vendor References

Denodo >User Manuals > Virtual DataPort VQL Guide > Stored Procedures > Predefined Stored Procedures > GET_ASSOCIATIONS

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