Does charging your iPhone after 100% hurt the battery?

Does charging your iPhone after 100% hurt the battery

I use my phone all day long and leave it on the charger with any issues through three versions of the iPhone now, and I’ve never had any problems.  However, I freely admit that I have never really thought about having my iPhone on the battery charger all the time, but someone asked if it was bad for the battery and got me to thinking.

Does the iPhone battery stop charging charger when full?  

The iPhone really is smart enough to stop accepting the charge once the iPhone’s battery reaches 100%capacity. After that, you are basically using your iPhone from the power source rather than the battery. Plus, when you do remove your iPhone from the power source, your iPhone starts out with a 100% charge.

What does shorten iPhone Battery Life?

What does shorten the battery’s life span is routinely letting the iPhone battery go dead before charging it back to 100%. When Ever possible, plug the iPhone in when the charge falls to 30% or less to reduce stress on the battery. “It’s better to recharge for shorter periods more often than to consistently wait for lengthy high-volume charging.  Letting the battery get hot also takes a toll. If you’re going to leave your iPhone plugged in for a while, removing the phone the case to let the escape is probably a good idea.

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