How to Export a Job Log from Director to a file


  • How do I save the log of a DataStage Job into a file using DataStage Director?


  • Basically, the log is exported by being printed to a file.

To export and/or Print a Datastage Director log

Set filter

  • Select View > Filter Entries
  • Select ‘Start of Last Run’ to print only the most recent run log.
  • Make sure all Types of Messages are selected to export a complete set of log entries.

Print/export out the Job Log

  • Make sure you are viewing the log details, then,
  • Print the current view:
    1. Display the Print dialog box by:
      1. Choose Project > Print, or
      2. Click the Print button on the toolbar.
    2. Choose the Range of items to print in the Range area:
      1. Select print ‘All entries’ in the current view.
    3. Choose the Print what area:
      1. Select ‘Full details’ to print all details each log entry.
    4. Select the ‘Print to file’ checkbox.
    5. Click OK.
    6. When the Print to file dialog box appears:
      1. Choose the path to which the file will be saved, and
      2. Enter the name of a text file to use.

Note: The default is DSDirect.txt in the client directory.

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