Infosphere – decimal_from_string Conversion Error

This is another one of those nebulas error, which can kick out of DataStage, DataQuality, and/or DataClick.  This error can be particularly annoying because it doesn’t identify the field or even the precise command, which is causing the error.  So, there can be more than a field and/or more than one command causing the problem.


Conversion error calling conversion routine decimal_from_string data may have been lost


To resolve this error, check for the correct formatting (date format, decimal, and null value handling) before passing to DataStage StringToDate, DateToString, DecimalToString or StringToDecimal functions.  Additionally, even if the formatting is correct, you may need to embed commands to completely clear the issue.


Here is a recent example of command embedding, which has cleared the issue, but I’m sure you will adapt this concept in other ways to meet all your needs.

DecimalToString( DecimalToDecimal( <>,’trunc_zero’),”suppress_zero”)

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