Infosphere Information Server (IIS) Commonly Used Parameters

Parameters are a very big key in, Infosphere Information Server (IIS), to process flexibility in sequences, DataStage jobs, and DataQuality jobs.  Parameterization also helps reduce development effort, reduce the number of jobs required, and reuse of jobs, by allowing construction of multi-instance jobs, which are essentially reused code.

However, sometimes when starting a project, parameters need to created and doing so from memory, doesn’t always achieve the best results. So here is a quick starter list of parameters, which seem to be commonly encountered.  Hopefully, this list will aide in your parametrization efforts and setup.

StringDS_DIRDataset Directory Path 
StringDS_LOG_DIRLog File Directory Path 
StringRECIPIENT_EMAILRecipient Email Address 
StringSENDER_EMAILSenders Email Address 
StringSMTP_SERVERSMTP Mail Server Name 
StringSQL_DIRSQL File Directory path 
StringDATE_OFFSETDate Offset Number1
StringDS_ENVIRONMENTDatastage EnvironmentPROD
StringSRC_DIRSource Files Directory 
StringSRC_KEY_GEN_DIRSource Key Generator Files Directory Path 
StringSRC_REJ_DIRSource Reject Files Directory Path 
StringWRK_DIRWorking Directory Path 
StringSRC_TABLESource Table Name 
StringDB_SCHEMADatabase Schema Name 
StringTGT_TBLTarget Table Name 
StringPROC_DTERun Control or processing date 
StringCURR_DTECurrent Date 

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