Infosphere Information Server (IIS) Metadata Types

Infosphere Information Server (IIS) as a variety of component tools to perform different activities.  Many of these component tools are share across organization boundaries based on Role-based access control (RBAC).  However, for all the components in IIS, the metadata the capture in the repository are of three types (Business, Technical, Operational).

Business Metadata

This metadata is intended for business user consumption and consists of: Business rules, Stewardship, Business Definitions, Auditing Terminology, Glossaries, Algorithms and Lineage using business language.

Technical Metadata

This metadata is intended for specific component Users – Cognos (business intelligence), DataStage & DataQuality (information integration), Information Analyzer (profiling), Data Architect (modeling) and consists of: Source and Target systems definitions, Data Models (logical and Physical), Table and Fields structures and attributes, Documentation for Auditing Derivations and Dependencies, and Cognos Semantics for reporting.

Operational Metadata

This metadata is intended for Operations, Management, and Business Users and consists of: Information about application runs: their frequency, record counts, component by component analysis and other statistics for auditing purposes.

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