The Chili Pepper: A Home Gardener’s Guide

Chili peppers bring flare to the typical garden as well as on the plate. It brings a spectacular addition of flash and color to the garden – as well as heat to the palette. In this guidebook, Chili Peppers gives a closer look at the abundant species of chili peppers. Descriptions of the illustrious history of the chili pepper which swept like a heat-wave across the world by the Portuguese Empire and had taken root in the local cuisines. Chili Peppers goes on to rank the common species of chili peppers and their packing heat into three sections – sweet, medium and hot peppers and their distinctive tastes.

You can buy chili peppers in the market no problem, but there is nothing more satisfying than cooking with something lovingly home-grown.

Chili Peppers advises gardeners to look at their gardens and evaluate the soil, water, mulch to efficiently plant your peppers that will thrive in your garden as well giving good advice on tending to them against diseases and ‘unwanted guests.’  Handling peppers is a heated business (literally), and precautions must be made when chopping, cooking and eating them. Chili Peppers recommends the best measures to take when cooking and consuming chili peppers (especially if you’ve been brave!) After the fruits of your labor are ready for harvesting, Chili Peppers provides several tips and tricks to store your chili peppers for full packing flavor.

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