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Writing - What's the Difference Between a Novel and a Novella?

Writing – What’s the Difference Between a Novel and a Novella?

If you’re writing a book, you’ve probably wondered what the difference is between a novella and a short story. The main difference between the two is their length, which makes it important to know when to use each type. A novella is longer than a short story, and it will likely be less than 100 pages long. Keeping your story simple is the best way to make it work, but you must also avoid writing your darlings. What Is A Novel A novel is a long, complex, fictional work written in prose. It deals with the human experience and is

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Writing – The Best Fantasy Book Tropes

In writing a fantasy story, cliches are a common occurrence. The most common ones are evil characters and magic schools. Those who are evil are portrayed as being less intelligent and monstrous, and those who are good are portrayed as beautiful and enjoying the fruits of a more advanced society. The human, elven, and dwarf races are usually good, while orcs and kobolds are always evil. Despite this apparent disparity, fantasy writers tend to emulate classical and medieval societies. Regardless of the setting, the conflict between good and evil is a major theme in fantasy writing. While this is great

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Writing – What Are the Tropes of a Western Novel?

A number of the most common tropes in western novels can be found in the fiction of the Old West. While the Wild West was notorious for its violence, lawlessness, and corruption, the people of the time created their own punishments to punish those who violated the law. These are often quite interesting to read about and are a good source of tension and conflict. Whether the crime occurs in the name of justice or for personal gain, readers never tire of the sheriff’s role in the novel. Another popular western trope is the shootout. These are often chaotic and

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Writing – Advantages of Using Bullets

You should use a thematically related structure when using bullets in your writing. The order of your bullets depends on the type of text, but they should be numbered in the same way as your main sentence. The first word of each bullet should be capitalized, as with a full-stop. In most instances, you should not include a semi-colon or an “and” after a single bullet point. Using bullets is important for many reasons. First of all, you want to keep the list as short as possible. It helps readers scan the content, so they’re more likely to go further

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Writing – Productivity Tips For Writers

What are the most important productivity tips for writers? A writer must be disciplined enough to write at a specific time and place. The best way to do this is by announcing a deadline. Keeping oneself accountable to this date and time can help one stay focused and productive. Other tips include writing with the door closed, holding oneself to a strict schedule, and identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses. All of these tips can be adapted to the demands of writing and make the task more enjoyable. Changing scenery helps to inspire creativity. When writing, try stepping away from your

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Blogging – Popular Microblogging Sites

If you are wondering which microblogging site is the most popular, you should try Twitter. This social network allows you to post short messages and photos. Using this social networking site is the fastest way to share your information with friends. You can also join other people’s social networks. The best thing about this website is that you can connect with other people. The best part about this social networking website is that it is easy to start a microblogging account. Some of the best microblogging sites include Reddit and Tumblr. Both of these sites allow you to post text,

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