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Reading – The Principles Of "Work the System"

Reading – The Principles Of “Work the System”

Work The System By Sam Carpenter discusses how to enhance all aspects of your existence. Carpenter claims that everything around us is a complex system and that such systems can be mastered. He claims that by mastering these systems, we can improve our personal and professional lives. We can live a richer life, increase our job performance, develop better relationships, run a better company, and much more by working the system. The key lies in Working the System. In this first book, Carpenter teaches readers how to apply the basics of strategic planning and operational effectiveness. He then describes how

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Reading – The Principles Of “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business”

The principles of traction and marketing have always been around. Even before America’s founding fathers figured out how to trade with one another, they understood that things move and people move with purpose. To succeed in any endeavor, a person must establish a plan or goal to work toward. Once you have that, you need to convert that goal into tangible, physical actions. If you can do this, then you have achieved your business goals. This principle is the most important of all. If you don’t know what these principles are, then take a minute and think about the type

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Business – The Principles of “Managing Oneself”

In his Management Series: Managing Oneself By Peter Drucker, the author examines ten principles to guide us in making decisions. The ten principles are: we understand ourselves; strengths and weaknesses; a clear vision of our future; dedication to our ideals; self-discipline, and gratitude. Drucker uses many personal examples throughout this series to show how these principles are applied in everyday life. He uses practical stories to illustrate these principles. I’ve summed them up here: We understand ourselves by asking questions like Who are we? What are our strengths and weaknesses? A clear vision of our future, taking responsibility for our

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Business – The 5 Whys of Lean Problem Solving

In this article, I will discuss the 5 Why’s of Lean Problem Solving. There are five main ways in which companies can implement lean principles and the subsequent five ways of implementing them. The first way in which companies implement lean is to use it at each stage of the manufacturing process. This is called Lean Inventory Control. When a company implements this system, they first evaluate their entire production environment and inventory activity, including raw materials and finished goods, and then determine what resources (labor, equipment, material, etc.) they need to create a “balanced” inventory so that they can

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Business – Thinking on Paper’s Essential Functions

I’m often asked by my colleagues what I think they should do with their manuals and how they should teach them. The answer is always, teaching can’t solve everything. And teaching can’t be the sole purpose of your manual either. Thinking on Paper (T on P) is a philosophy of teaching designed to help people think more clearly, rather than teaching them to use a set of procedures or theory taught in a textbook. Traditional approaches to Problem Solving typically assume that all students possess a single way of doing things, a “brick wall.” Students are expected to be able

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Reading – Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson is the nineteenth of his sixteen books in a series featuring a characteristically clueless doctor thrust into a world of strange circumstances and mystery. The title character, a practicing obstetrician in Boston, is called upon to evaluate a case of infertility following the breakdown of his wife’s fertility treatments. Incorporating a great deal of practicality coupled with a great deal of wackiness, the book is a fast-paced tale of medical malpractice and what can go wrong when you least expect it. At the start of the book, Johnson sets the scene with

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